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The Treasurer is currently trying to balance the Association books following receipt of the 2014 subscription payments. Sadly, two years after the membership subscription was increased to 12.50, payments in the sum of 5, 6.50 and 10 are received. Where valid contact details are held emails or written statements are sent to the individuals concerned..but still the unchanged payments are received.

You are urged to check your bank statements to ensure that the appropriate subscription was paid to the Association in January this year; if it wasn't the membership status of those concerned will be LAPSED!

This is especially relevant for those 16 members with the surname of SMITH; Two are life members, five are fully subscribed but the remaining nine have either not paid a subscription or paid an amount less than the 12.50 required and one of the 10 payments just bears the reference SMITH and to date it has not been possible to identify who made this payment.

If you need to send a payment or a top-up payment to the Treasurer please make it payable to the "RAF Police Association" and send to it to him at his home address.

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The RAFPA Organisation page - including Officers, Branches,

Contacts, fees and Standing Order Form (revised 14 April 14 )

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Obituaries Deaths and Funerals (3 April  2014)

Carterton and the JR Hospital (14 March 2014)

RAF Police Roll of Honour (updated 16 August 13)

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 The posts of National Chairman and Vice Chairman have been filled pro tem by Brian Flinn and Tony Lake until the ECM in October but volunteers are required for both posts. Please contact the Association Secretary if you think you can help.




17 Apr 14

Funeral of Colin E Clarke

14 May 14

Retired Provost Officers Dinner - details later

18-19 May 14

Misters Golf Championship

24 May 14

QPD/KM Reunion

6 Jun 14

Special service of remembrance at Southwick Park

23 Jun 14

Anniversary Parade at the NMA -  please read the linked page if you intend to go to this parade

23 Jun 14

Armed Forces Day - National Event - Stirling  

9 Aug 14

30th Anniversary event at RAF Halton  & 70th Anniversary of RAFP involvement in D Day - see below.  - Hotels added 24/2/14

22 Aug 14

London Reunion

11 Aug 14

RAF Police Golf Championships - Sleaford Golf Club

31 Oct-1 Nov 14

Get Together' in Skegness

Nov 14

Delighted to inform members that our Association Standard will be paraded in honour of our 30th Anniversary, in the Royal Albert Hall, at the RBL Festival of Remembrance.
This usually takes place on afternoon and evening of Saturday before Remembrance Sunday.

Issue 2 2013

August this year sees the 30th Anniversary of the formation of the Association. To assist John Walton I am trying to identify the Founder members who are still with us (as members).
Our early records are not that complete but with assistance of some of our older members I have been able to identify 13 thus far, they being:
Charlie Crossan, Brian 'Dick' Barton, Brian Burrows, Alec Beange, Alan Millership, Brian Whitaker, Ray Orgill, Alex Flavell, Dave Eldridge, John Curtis, Rowley Coultas, Jack Kemp and Steve Cattell.
If you regard yourself as a Founder member and are not on the above list please let me know. If you think that there are other omissions from the list please also let me know.
By 'Founder Member' we mean that the member concerned was either at the Meeting of August 1984 or sent their apologies.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Neil Rusling

Dear All, The Provost Marshal Group Captain Kevin Bailey, reminds us that this year in addition to the RAFPA 30th and RAFPA Standard 10th Anniversaries, it is also the 70th Anniversary of the RAF Police participation in D Day. It was not long after the start of Operation Overlord on 6 June 1944, that members of the RAF Police were operating in many parts of Europe.

It is the PM's request that at RAF Halton on 9 August, we also commemorate the actions of those RAF Police some 70 years ago. The PM hopes that as many serving RAFP as possible will join the RAFPA at Halton. More details will follow but one to mark down in your diary...!!

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If by Rob Wharton

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The RAF Police Association was formed by serving and ex-members of the RAF Police and Provost Branch at a meeting of interested persons held at RAF Newton in 1984. Membership is open to persons who have served, or who are serving, in the Royal Air Force Police, Provost Branch, Admin (Prov & Sy) Branch, Auxiliary Police and Kennelmaids. In addition, membership has been extended to include former members of Allied Air Forces Police eg RCAF, RAAF,RNZAF, USAF who are resident in the UK.

 For details of membership, please contact in the first instance, the Membership Secretary. If connection problems are encountered contact any of the other National Officers on The RAFPA Organisation page

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