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Obituaries Deaths and Funerals (16 July 2017)

Carterton and the JR Hospital (23 February 17)

RAF Police Roll of Honour (updated 23 Oct 16)

Global History of the RAF Police

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26 Jul 17NYB Lunch at The Buffers Scholes
28 Jul 17
Funeral of Jim Davey
30 Jul 17NW Branch meeting and Sunday Lunch
3 Aug 17
Funeral of John Walker
20 Aug 17 East Midlands Branch Lunch at The Nottinghamshore Golf Course
1 - 4 Sep 17RAF Laarbruch Reunion
 5 Sep 17
Chris Gangel, aged 73 and a retired snowdrop, will be doing a tandem parachute jump with the Red Devi's in aid of BLESMA during Sepetmber this year. at Langar. Click HERE for more information.
10 Sep 17 Eden Camp All Services Parade
17 Sep 17
Battle of Britain Lunch at the White Hart and Service at Lincoln Cathedral.
9 to 13 Oct 17 World Police Indoor Soccer Tournament
     7 Oct 17St Mawgan Reunion
15 Oct 17 East Midlands Branch Lunch at the Hostess Restaurant
2 - 4 Nov 17 Skegness Reunion Now with Saturday Visit
10 Dec 17 East Midlands Branch Christmas Lunch at Ashmores Restaurant  
3-4 Jun 2018 The Misters (Ex RAFP/Provost) Golf Society Championships 2018

Help!!!!! - just as it seems (21 Jul 17)

Where are they now? (12 Jul 17)

RAFP Association News (24 Jun 17)

RAFP in the news (21 Jun 17)

For these doggy things (18 Jun 17)

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Photos from now (7 Jun 17)

The NMA Page (2 May 17) 

Related Books and Publications (8 Mar 17)

Classified Ads Noticeboard  (24 Feb 17) - For Sale

Photos of RAF Police Flights etc (20 Feb 17)

The other half to "where are they now? - 

this is "Here They Are" (16 Jan 17)

Remembrance 2016  (28 Nov 16)

Jobs for our "Special" talents (23 Feb 16)

Remembrance Day Parades (23 Nov 15)

Alan Rusling Memorial Award

All members wishing to take part in this year's Cenotaph Parade on 12th November, are requested to supply John Walton email: - with the following details:
1. Number
2. Rank
3. First Name
4. Last Name
5. Medals
6. Date of Birth
7. Place of Birth
8. Home address


A full and comprehensive list of all the RAFP archives including Provost Parade has been completed by John Curtis and has been handed over to Ron Inwood and placed on this web site.

Access is limited to trade and ex-trade. For access, email the Webmaster

with your service details.

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Heard on the radio: "The UK produces the best Snowdrops. They are hardy, pleasing to the eye, have character, need handling with care and are hand-picked. They are in a class of their own and have associations, clubs and festivals nationwide.' So there we have it - it's official!

Petition aimed at preventing significant changes to the Chapel of Remembrance at RAF Biggin Hill:

Still no news from the Provost Marshal (RAF) or the RAFPA Executive regarding any plans to produce a hard copy commemorative journal to celebrate the centenary of the RAF Police on 1 April 2018, so here you go, this is my effort and offering to you all.

And now available as a real book from Amazon as well as kindle.

Don't forget to click here first before ordering.

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Hi Everybody, it's been decided to publish an 8 page extra in the May 2018 issue to celebrate the Centenary of the RAF Police. As you know we did produce a publication to celebrate 90 years so quite a lot of material was used to produce that booklet. One idea that's been suggested is to concentrate on conflict areas the RAFP have been involved in, WW2 Berlin Airlift, Korea, Cyprus, Egypt. Aden, Falklands, N Ireland, Malaya etc, using unpublished photographs and individuals accounts/memories. I'm asking the membership if they can help, do you have photographs suitable for publication along with a short account of any incidents. If so please send to me (The Editor), your contribution can help make this celebratory publication a first class unique document. regards, Mitch

I'm making a request for photographs for considered inclusion in the May 2018 Centenary Supplement. Obviously I already have a selection but would like more choice in the 2005 -to date timeline, although all dates are always welcome.‘ If you can send electronically that's great, if you need to send by mail, after scanning they will be returned to you. Whatever you send is not guaranteed to be published, I'm looking for the largest collection so the most interesting and informative photos are published to give a pictorial '100 years' of RAF Police service, regards, Mitch

 RAF Newton from the air

Royal Air Force Military Policemen, 1960's 

Promotional recruitment film for the Royal Air Force police, 1970's 


The secrets of Fylingdales in the heat of the cold war

These pictures are from a rare Press visit inside Fylingdales warning station on the North York Moors in 1964.

It was only in 1963 that it was named one of three radar sites in the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System.

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