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This website is now nothing to do with the organisation known as the RAF Police Association but it will continue to offer a continued facility/focal point for former and serving members of the RAFP, members of the RAFP Association and those Branches, members and organisations who wish to continue to avail themselves of this facility.

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Obituaries Deaths and Funerals (21 October 2020)

Carterton and the JR Hospital (20 March 2020)

RAF Police Roll of Honour 

Global History of the RAF Police

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a page containing those older links I have tidied up (26 June 19)

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8 November 2020

If people cannot march or attend remembrance parades this year then it would be a nice gesture of respect for people after the 2 min silence at 11am to stand at their doors and applaud for one minute as thanks to those who served their country and paid the ultimate price... Respect..!

2021 British airshows in 2021: calendar with UK airshow dates.
10th May 2021
Inspire Ride
27 - 28 June 2021
Misters Golf Tournament
24-26 September 2021
RAF Police Association AGM

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Veterans Support Whitby - First Tuesday in the month

The RV point - Wimborne

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Dog Trials

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Remembrance Day 2019 (21 November 19)

RAFP Association News (5 June 19)

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The other half to "where are they now? -
this is "Here They Are"
(1 Apr 18)

Classified Ads Noticeboard (9 Sep 17) - For Sale

Alan Rusling Memorial Award

Vickers Wellington Construction Project


Movies and films related to the RAF Police and related subjects   - updated 29/12/19

As many of you will know I was a founder member of the RAF Police Association but I stopped paying my membership in recent years because of the way it is being run by a few. I was very proud of my membership and 3 of the proudest moments were when I was made a Life Vice President in 2002 and awarded the Alan Rusling Award twice.

 During my service I received this, in addition to my LS&GC medal


A full and comprehensive list of all the RAFP archives including Provost Parade has been completed by John Curtis and has been handed over to Ron Inwood and placed on this web site.

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with your service details.

Welcome to The Veterans’ Walk


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