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It is provided, and has been provided by me personally for the last 18 years, as a link for RAF Police Association memebers, serving and past members of the RAF Police and Provost branch and associated trades and groups as well as for non RAF personnel to maintain contact and provide a service.

It is the site formally known as the RAF Police Association website.

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Obituaries Deaths and Funerals (23 November 2015)

Carterton and the JR Hospital (21 Oct 15)

RAF Police Roll of Honour (updated 22 May 15)

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iPhone/iPad scam: How to get rid of the error that could cost you £50

At the ECM on the 17th October, I have been told that 5 Executive Council members voted to have me expelled from the Association but 7 voted against it so my suspension has been lifted and I am back to being a member of the Association again.

I wish to record my personal thanks to the members of the EC who supported me, the individual branches (even those whose secretaries voted to expel me but have individually supported me) and the many members, and indeed non-members who have supported me though this difficult period.

I'm afraid though that some members still don't accept that anything wrong was done by them and I am to blame for all that has fractured the Association. But I wish to apologise to the members of the Association for any damage caused by my actions in the last six months and I hope others will do the same to draw a line under the whole sorry affair.

Still no apologies from the National Officers and the Trustees to the members.  Well I didn't really expect anything to be honest.  I will end this here as the National Officers and Trustees who were at that ECM in Gateshead in October 2014 - we all know who they were (and in most cases still are) obviously have no intention of apologising to the members for the trouble they caused.

It is interesting to note that with all the messages of congratulations for my award of the Alan Rusling Memorial Award, the silence from the National Officers, the Trustees, and last year's Chairman/Trustee was deafening. No drawing the line for them.


25 Nov 15Requiem Mass for Keith Liddiard
27 Nov 15Funeral of Don Davies
9 Dec 15North Yorkshire Branch Christmas Lunch
22-25 Jan 16 Annual gathering at the Warner’s Hotel Alvaston - register your interest
9 Mar 16Snowdrop Parade
29/30 Apr & 1 May 16RAF Police Association AGM
 15-16 May 16 The Misters Championships 
23 Jun 16Re-dedication Parade
24 Sep 16 The Big K Swim
5-6 Nov 16Skegness Reunion

Alan Rusling Memorial Award

I am pleased to announce on behalf of the Adjudicators that in recognition of his outstanding contribution, over a period of 20 years, to both RAFPA and the wider RAFP Family the recipient of the Alan Rusling Memorial Award for 2015 is STEVE CATTELL.

The full adjudication can be viewed at:

Neil Rusling


St. Michael’s Branch (Designate)

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Alan Rusling Memorial Award

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