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This website is nothing to do with the organisation known as the RAF Police Association although I am currently a member. It may feature Association members on its pages and is used by a large number of RAF Police Association members in preference to the new RAF Police Association website purchased at great cost using the members' money without their prior approval. It should be noted that many links on the expensive "official" site are to this site, especially on the memorial page.

Over 600 members do not have computer access but have to share the cost of the new website, a sum over £2500. And even those with internet access, they weren't asked if they wanted to spend this money.  All started with a lie that has never been acknowledged.  Because of the complete lack of any apology to the members from those involved in this debacle, my membership will lapse at the end of the year as membership of the Association is not worth £12.50 a year, £16.50 if you don't have a computer and you want Provost Parades, and absolutely nothing has changed from when 3 of us were suspended for raising our concerns. The same people are still in power along with their supporters and although they technically did not break the Association's rules, they acted in a totally immoral and unethical way and refuse to admit it and as a result ripped the heart out of the Association.  In addition it continues in the Griff magazine, both last year and this year  where there have been lies and abuse about the three of us, especially me and the Association seem perfectly happy to publish this libel without any reprimand to individuals.
 Changes to the rules are "slipped" in without approval so there is no change in the way it is being run. And even motions at the AGM are subject to censorship and comment from the Chairman.

As a founder member, LVP and former trustee it is a shame a few members have lost the way from what we set up the Association to be all those years ago.  A crying shame.

This website is provided, and has been provided by me personally for 19 years, as a link for RAF Police Association members, serving and past members of the RAF Police and Provost branch and associated trades and groups as well as for non RAF personnel to maintain contact and provide a service.

It is the site formally known as the RAF Police Association website.

Last update: 22 September 2016 

The Cenotaph Parade this year.

Due to an 'oversight ' by the RBL anyone wishing to attend this year's Act of Remembrance should get their personal details to John Walton as a matter of urgency so that we can attend.



The Adjudicators were asked to consider several nominees this year which was no easy task as two stood out and to place one ahead of the other was impossible. It has therefore been decided that there will be two recipients on this occasion and it gives me great pleasure to announce on behalf of the Adjudicators that the Recipients of the Alan Rusling Memorial Award 2016 are:

John Armfield & Matthew ‘Paddy’ Cowap MBE

The full adjudications can be found at and clicking on their names.

Many congratulations to both


Obituaries Deaths and Funerals (22 September 2016)

Carterton and the JR Hospital (21 Oct 15)

RAF Police Roll of Honour (updated 17 Mar 16)

Global History of the RAF Police

Reference Links

a page containing those older links I have tidied up (3 Sep 15)

iPhone/iPad scam: How to get rid of the error that could cost you £50

Fraudsters are sending out virus infected emails that claim a package has been seized by HM Revenue & Customs upon arrival into the United Kingdom.

A full and comprehensive list of all the RAFP archives including Provost Parade has been completed by John Curtis and placed on this web site.

Access is limited to trade and ex-trade. For access, email the Webmaster

with your service details.

One current phone scam involves an automated message that starts: "This is Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs. We have been trying to reach you to let you know we are filing a law suit against you."

The message is then said to provide a list of options, such as: "To speak to your case officer, press one".

If you've received a call from someone claiming to be from HMRC encouraging you to provide bank account or personal details for alleged tax debts, in exchange for 'tax advice' or a refund, you should first attempt to verify the caller's ID.

If you're unable to do that, the best course of action is to hang up. If you believe you've been contacted by a fraudster, you may want to get in touch with HMRC via its official website, while also reporting the incident to Action Fraud.

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You can get Marriage Allowance if all the following apply:

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Full details here: including lists of those who took part in 1953 and 1977 Jubilees

I have found a video on YouTube of the day which briefly shows a few RAFP but reveals we had an Air Force in those days with a large number of different aircraft. How things have changed. I watched the 4 Vulcan scramble featured on the video in slow time to try and identify the fin numbers and was delighted to see that one of them is XM594 which survives and rusts away at Newark Air Museum. The other numbers were too blurred to make out. The video is called HM The Queen Reviews the RAF and it is in colour.

Al Knowler


2016 Dates and Locations to see The Red Arrows
2016 Airshow & Lincolnshire Display Teams Calendar 
28 Sep 16North Yorkshire Branch Lunch
30 Sep 1/2 OctAutumn Welsh Steam Gala
1 Oct 16 Dog Handlers Reunion - 30/9 to 1/10 with Hog Roast on the Saturday
9 Oct 16

EMB Sunday Lunch

5-6 Nov 16

 Skegness Reunion - Rooms still available

5 Nov 16Thorpe Park Services Day
6 Nov 16Legoland Services Day
13 Nov 16

Cenotaph Parade   

4-5 Jun 17 Misters Golf Championship


Royal Air Force Military Policemen, 1960's 

Promotional recruitment film for the Royal Air Force police, 1970's 


International Bomber Command Centre
The IBCC site in Lincoln is still under construction. As a result it cannot yet be opened to the public.
However the IBCC have set up a series of free guided tours which can be booked by visiting 

Photos from now  (20 Sep 16)

RAFP in the news (8 Sep 16)

For these doggy things (4 Sep 16)

 News of Interest (27 Aug 16)

Where are they now? (25 Aug 16)

Links to related sites (12 Aug 16)

RAFP Association News (5 July 16)

The NMA Page (29 June 16) 

Help!!!!! - just as it seems (15 Jun 16)

Photos of RAF Police Flights etc (15 May 16)

The other half to "where are they now? - 

this is "Here They Are" (12 May 16)

Sutton Wick Air Crash Memorial Event - 7 Mar 16  

Jobs for our "Special" talents (23 Feb 16)

Related Books and Publications (3 Jan 16)

Strange RAF Bases (and jobs) (12 Sep 15)

Classified Ads Noticeboard  (12 Aug 15) - Holidays

Remembrance Day Parades (23 Nov 15)

Alan Rusling Memorial Award

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