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RAF Police Associates

This website is nothing to do with the organisation known as the RAF Police Association although it may feature Association members on its pages.

It is provided, and has been provided by me personally for the last 18 years, as a link for serving and past members of the RAF Police and Provost branch and associated trades and groups as well as for non RAF personnel to maintain contact and provide a service.

It used to be known as the RAF Police Association website but a very small number of members (the National Officers) wished to go down a different route and decided to spend thousands of pounds on a new website without consulting the members.

And despite what has been alleged by some members and their wives, this is not a splinter group.  I and many others object to the undemocratic way the Association has been hijacked by a small number of members. 

We didn't want thousands of pounds of our money being spent against our wishes on a new website and hundreds of pounds on a Masonic-like "Jim fixed it for me" pendant for the Chairman.

Last update: 3 July 2015

If those people whose submissions appear on the website wish them removed please contact me - Steve Cattell at

Obituaries Deaths and Funerals (2 Jul 2015)

Carterton and the JR Hospital (26 March 15)

RAF Police Roll of Honour (updated 22 May 15)

Global History of the RAF Police

Reference Links

a page containing those older links I have tidied up (19 April 15)

To try to understand what is going on and why I, Steve Davies and Steve Lamacraft have been suspended from the RAF Police Association, click below
The Full Story Gone Public

the suspension of Steve Lamacraft has now been lifted (but with no apology) and the suspension of Steve Davies has been "varied" (but with no apology) but mine still stands. (Which is more than I do)

In addition the link below is a rebuttal to the libel of me by the Chairman of the RAFP Association in the Griff and other correspondance. It is in the Forum but for those people who do not have access, click below:


I saw this and immediately thought of the Association


2015 airshow and display teams calendar EGXWinfo Group of Twitter Accounts Airshow & Lincolnshire Display Teams Calendar (Beta Test)
2015 Vulcan XH558 2015 Appearences confirmed to date
3 July 15March to support retrospective award to Cpl Stewart McLaughlin
6 July 15Funeral of Thomas Jackson
9th July 15Funeral of Brenda Mew
11 July 15 Sutton Wick / Blackburn Beverley Memorial event plus information from The Memorial Mob
25-26 July 15Victory Days Wartime Weekend at the Newark Air Museum
21 Aug 15 Royal Air Force Police London Reunion
5-6 Sep 15 A Flight Rangers RAF Police RAF Laarbruch Reunion
6 Sep 15 Allied Air Forces Memorial Day
13 Sep 15Eden Camp All Services Remembrance Parade
26 Sep 15 Dog Handlers and Kennel maids reunion at the Pride of Lincoln - for details,  contact Bobbi
30 Oct 15 6th. R.A.F.P.A. Skegness Reunion - with full details  updated 24 April
22-25 Jan 16 Annual gathering at the Warner’s Hotel Alvaston - register your interest
 15-16 May 16 The Misters Championships - 2015 Results and next year's dates

RAFP Association News (3 Jul 15) 

News of Interest (3 Jul 15)

Where are they now? (3 Jul 15)

Jobs for our "Special" talents (2 Jul 15)

Help!!!!! - just as it seems (30 Jun 15)

RAFP in the news (28 Jun 15)

 The NMA Page (24 June 15)

Photos from now  (23 Jun 15)

Classified Ads Noticeboard  (23 Jun 15) - For Sale - RAFP Poppy and QPD poppies

Links to related sites (10 Jun 15)

Photos of RAF Police Flights etc (2 Jun 15)

The other half to "where are they now? - this is "Here They Are" (7 May 15)

For these doggy things (20 Apr 15)

Related Books and Publications (3 Feb 15)

Remembrance Day Parades (18 Nov 14)

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Provost Parade
Issue 1 2015

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