TOGETHER UP THERE   1943/45            

My History of No. 549 (F) Squadron RAF in Northern Australia, will be published in Sydney towards the end of the year by Australian Military History Publications.

The Squadron comprised RAF pilots ex-234 Squadron who had been shipped out from England in the QUEEN MARY, and RAAF ground crew and administrative staff posted from all points of the compass, and was one of   three which comprised No.1 Fighter Wing (also known as the Churchill Wing) in the defence of Darwin and northern Australia.   It had been formed in Lawnton, Q in late 1943, and was subsequently disbanded in Queensland at the end of the war in the Pacific.

I became involved when researching my Family History, because my cousin, W/O R.W. Ron Poss, was killed as the result of a mid-air collision with another Spitfire over Truscott, Australia's secret wartime Kimberley airbase, in November 1944.

As a result of the information, data, photographs, etc. which I amassed as a result of my enquiries, I was asked by the Vice-President of No.1 Fighter Wing Association to write the   History, and about the same time I was extremely fortunate to make contact with the other pilot involved in the collision, Les Bushell, currently a member of the 234 Squadron Association.   He wrote me many informative letters and his fantastic power of recall and turn of phrase have ensured that the book will be a good read!

         I have gone on at length and in some detail in the hope that you will be able to help me in the matter of some pre-publication publicity on your website.   Obviously I will provide an appropriate Synopsis for that purpose the foregoing details were provided to whet your appetite but I would appreciate your early advice on that matter to me here because I must tell you that I shall be visiting England for 3 months as from 6th July, staying mainly with my sister-in-law and her husband in the Southampton area, email address: