A request has come down from Air Command’s Media and Communications department regarding a project that helps to celebrate HM The Queen’s 90th birthday.

RAF to coordinate the collation of case studies from RAF personnel of whom have an important link to The Queen e.g. they are related to someone who took part in The Queen’s Coronation, took part in the Silver, Golden or Diamond Jubilees, or are to have an important ceremonial role during The Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations.
The best case studies will be offered for interview to external broadcast and print media.
Case studies will also be covered on Defence Digital channels.

Do you have any information on retired RAFP personnel who took part in the milestone events mentioned above that could form a short case study please?

If you are able to assist, I would be most grateful. We are on a relatively short timeframe, so if you’re able to reply with any information by the middle of next week (Wed 13th Apr) I would very much appreciate it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to come back to me.

With kind regards

Sal Davidson MCIPR | SO2 Engagement| Force Protection HQ | RAF Honington | Bury St Edmunds | Suffolk | IP31 1EE | Mil: 95991-7762 / Civ: 01359 237762 | Mob: 07500 065386 | RAFP-HQEngagementSO2@mod.uk| sal.davidson751@mod.uk

 Sal has asked that we do not spend a lot of time on this at the moment
as she still does not know what is required of her.
If anyone has anything they think might be of use can they let John Curtis at 276curtis@tiscali.co.uk know and if, and when Sal wants more info, she will come through him.