999 OFFICER DOWN: The Russ Reiker Story

    I am writing you today on behalf of the family of a police officer,
Russell J. Reiker, who was police officer for twenty-one years. Two months
before his scheduled retirement he was tragically injured on duty. His
injury was so severe he should not have survived, but did. Although
handicapped now with only partial use of one side of his body, he and his
family have moved on with their lives.
    Mrs. Reiker, now a care giver for her husband, wrote a manuscript about
her husband's career, which was recently published by a small publishing
company. Entitled "999 OFFICER DOWN: The Russ Reiker Story", those who have
read it are calling it simply inspirational.
    Highlights include Officer Reiker's career from the time he entered the
police academy, to the day he was injured and his career ended. The story
line coincides with the death of his closest friend, also a police officer,
who was brutally murdered four years earlier, in the worst shoot out in the
history of the Phoenix Police Department. We are told this is the first and
only book ever published about the career of a Phoenix Police Officer.
    Our request for your assistance is very simple, since we are not asking
for any endorsement of the book. Since the publisher is a small company,
most of the retailers are reluctant to stock the book in their stores. We
know that there is a huge interest in the lives of our public servants by
the community as a whole, but it now seems unlikely this moving story will
ever receive the attention it deserves. The lives of two police officers
deserve more than that. They were prepared to give their lives to the
citizens of their community each day they worked. One did the other lost the
ability to enjoy the wonderful life he once had.
     If you could find a place in your hearts to help in some small way by
spreading the word of the availability of this book, it would go a long way
in saying thanks to all police officers for the job they do every day.
     For details please visit our web site; http://www.999OFFICERDOWN.com
(ISBN 1-893162-66-4).
Sincerely yours,

Chris Jordan