I was having a clear out and I came across these cartoons that were drawn in Cyprus in 1989 and are very loosely based on factual events and characters at RAF P&SS(Cyprus) at that time.

The cartoonist was a Cpl Dixie Dean, ( I can't recall his christian name) and the character Plod was very loosely based on Cpl Alan Horner. He broke his leg playing football and after a period when he was off duty sick, he was on light duties on days at the Head Shed, before attaining full health and returning to shift. Of course Alan Horner wasn't scuffy or daft like Plod and in fact was very intelligent and a great help to me and the day shift helping out on all manner of tasks.

The first attached cartoon depicts the main characters. The real identities are as follows:

Front row Sgt Brian Bedford,,Sgt Graham Trick, Plod, FS Alan Knowler, Cpl Mick Hurst and Jacky our Registry Cpl

2nd Row Brenda (UK Civvy in Pass Office), Wg Cdr Vernon Burgess OC, WO Keith Ryan, Sgt Avimides, Auxillary Police, Cpl Andy Kyme

3rd Row Cpl Matt Orr, Flt Lt Steve Atkins, Stavros the cleaner, Cpl Dixie Dean,

4th Row Cpl Dave Samways and Sgt Underwood.

I did actually slip on the wet floor in the head shed as shown in Plod 5. The rest of the story is fiction of course!!