It was taken around March 1975 in Limassol, possibly at the Britannia Restaurant.
It shows members of RAF P&SS (NEAF) plus some UK civilians and RMP who worked with our Provost Op lads out of Polymedia engaged in town patrols of Limassol. After the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 many posts were made unaccompanied as wives and families who live off base were sent home, whilst those designated as being in "Key Posts" lived on base with their families in MQs. Although our HQ was at RAF Episkopi, as single accommodation was over stretched, we lived in the married quarters at Berengaria for which we received a daily cash ration allowance as we were classed as self catering. We used to pool this money in each MQ and it kept us both well fed and supplied with beer! We also had a Police Club at Berengaria which was transfered from Polymedia. Unfortunately, when RAF Episkopi closed in April 1975 and RAF P&SS (NEAF) ceased to exisit, we became RAF P&SS(Cyprus) and the unit moved to RAF Akrotiri. This resulted in us moving into single accommodation at Akrotiri as well which was very cramped for the JNCOs and the food in the 2 airmens messses there was awful! The Police club was also moved to Akrotiri.
I'm struggling to remember the names of those on the photo but here goes. Back row standing , left to right, civilian, civilian, civilian, civilian, John Davies, RMP, ?, Alan Knowler,?,? Dave Thorne,? Dave Hayler, John Clements, ? Pete Fowler, ? ? RMP, Steve Short.
Sitting: Civilian, RMP, ? ? Jim Cochran, Colin Boardman, John Fletcher.

taken during the later half of 1977 in the Shetland Islands.
The photo shows left to right, Dusty Miller, Alan Knowler & Joe Goode. We were sent up to the Shetlands for a Taceval at RAF Saxa Vord. As there were other exercises on at the time elsewhere in the UK we were short on numbers on the Test Team and Dusty, who was SI, was sent with us to make up the shortfall. The photo was taken outside our croft that we hired for the week or so we were there and you can see Muness Castle (the most northerly castle in the UK) in the background.
We travelled up with 2 escort vehicles from RAF Newton and went overnight on the ferry from Aberdeen to the Shetlands. Unfortunately when the exercise was finished there wasnt another ferry home for nearly a week so we had to stay there sight seeing on Rate 1s ! It was a very interesting trip.

It was taken a day or 2 before the Royal Review of the RAF at RAF FInningley in 1977.
It shows Cpl Mick Byford on the left and myself on the right with one of the escort landrovers that we used. in the background are the seats around the parade area on the dispersals in front of the hangars, one of which is now home to Vulcan XH558.
I was detached there from P&SS(NR), along with many other RAF Police from all over the country about 2 weeks before the event. I was an escort landrover driver with Flt Lt Malcom Jones in the left hand seat. We had to rehearse many times as various escort vehicles, including motor bikes, were bringing Royals, Ministers, Senior Officers and other VVIPs, some of which were in coaches, to the parade area with precise timimgs. As one convoy left another had to arrive in a specific order. We were tasked to escort Prince Charles and Prince Edward from a Queens Flight Andover to the parade. I recall that the aircraft arrived and as Prince Charles descended down the steps his beaming smile turned to a scowl! We later found out that the Cpl MT driver of the limo had been given the incorrect pennant by a protocol officer and in fact was flying the Duke of Edinburghs flag!
Sqn Ldr John Walton was the organiser of the security arrangements for the review & all the aircraft and RAF police there. As the day approached he was starting to get a bit stressed, so the late Sgt Geoff Newton organised a bogus signal to be sent to John which basically said, Royal Review Finningley cancelled, same dates and timings now at Abingdon. He believed it for a short while and then upon seeing us ther starting to laugh realised it was a prank!