a photo taken in the foyer of the Sgts Mess at RAF Rudloe Manor, I think in 1986, showing the KPST at the Retirement Lunch for FS Al Ersham.

Ranks are at time of photo, names left to right: Sgts Gary Wild, Paul Ramsey, Dave Clark, FS John Blaxall, FS Al Ersham, complete with bowler, Flt Lt John Page, RAF Regiment, Ground Defence Advisor, Sqn Ldr John Greenhalgh OC KPST, Sgt Bob Stevens, WO Arthur Smith, FS Alan Knowler and Sgt Dick Highmore. We had another FS on the team, FS Pete Hanratty, at the time who I guess was absent on leave. The teams were later increased by another officer, Fg Off Paul Marks was the first incumbent, and 2 more FSs and 2 more Sgts. The section was formed in June 1985 to centralise the Counter-Sabotage Survey teams from the Regions to HQ P&SS (UK).
Our office where the SNCO teams worked was situated in the old WW2 10 Group Ops Room using the space where the controllers sat. The slanted windows, which were covered in wood in the 1980s, looked down into what was the old Ops Room where I assume the plotting tables were located, was in the 1980s the RAF P&SS(Support Squadron) Locker Room.
I have also attached a photo of the now derelict room taken in the Ops Room area. The slanted windows of the KPST offices can be seen top left. More photos of the derelict site can be found on the internet. The block included the Support Squadron offices, a Registry, Photography Section and the Squash Court.
Also attached is a photo of FS John Blaxall in the office busy trying to write his report. A non- politically correct AIDS poster can be seen on the notice board behind him. The office space was quite cramped with each team of a FS & Sgt have to share a desk. Luckily other teams would be out on the road freeing up their desk space for others to use report writing task.