I think this was the third course of the year in 1974.

Names on the back of the photo are difficult to make out as most are signed but here is a few

? ? ?

? ? ?

? ? ?

? ? ?

? ME ?

? ? ?

? ? Mary

Sgt Gareth Hughes

Gill, Valerie, ?

Huggy, Scotty, Graham ? , Roger Johnson, John Landy ? , Paul Robinson, Colin Brown, Tony Hadley, Barry Parkin

Robert Va ? (No.2) K Button, S Vaughan, John Higgingbottom

If anyone can correct and fill in the blanks? It seems so long ago

I went on to the Dog Course and then posted to Waddington later that year.

Lost touch with just about everyone from my RAF days exempt one.

I served from 1973 to 1986

Hope this helps


Dave Acott