A typical view as you looked at your feet whilst on Foot Patrol or Static during Feb 1984..

A typical Mobile Patrol during Feb 1984.

The ladies are visited by their "AOC", Miss Joan Baez, Aug 1984

The "ladies" are joined by several "week-enders" for a day of protest, Aug 1984.

The "ladies" are arrested by CivPol, Aug 1984.

Various pics of members of the
RAF Police Dog Section,
RAF Greenham Common,
Summer 1984 following

The Infamous "Dirty Protest" of 6 August 1984.
Some of the "ladies" smeared themselves in a mixture of urine, soot and
excrement, then lay down naked at the Main Gate.  This mixture allegedly
represented the smell of nuked flesh.

RAF Police were deployed along with USAF Security Police and CivPol to
deal with the situation.

No action was taken until the protesters started to make things very
awkward for persons entering the camp.   Who is that RAFP SNCO
(closest to camera, centre left) taking a keen interest in the
naked ladies ?   It's one Steve Davies !

After arrest, the "ladies" were to be transported to the local Police Station.
Noticing that the bus rear doors had not been secured, myself and 2 of my Dog guys
prevented the escape of the prisoners and secured the doors.
(Unfortunately, the rear doors of an MOD Police van were not secured which allowed the
prisoners to lob some rather nasty muck at us ---- but that's another story !)