Today I attended a ceremony at Grun Bordas today ( an hour or so away from me) to remember the crew of a Stirling aircraft which crashed after delivering weapons to the Resistance in Feb 44. The event was held in wet misty conditions, like the day the aircraft crashed and was attended by about 50 locals. Present were a Member of the Dordogne Counsel and speeches were made by the SW France President of RAFA and the Mayor. Flowers and a wreath was laid at the memorial ( the crew are buried in Marseilles). Following this the British, French National Anthems were played and also the Resistance Anthem. The event ended as always over drinks in the village hall. During the drinks one elderly Resistance chap took me to his vehicle and showed me his Sten Gun from the war and said he had a Bren Gun at home -- Don't ask !! Some photos attached. So humbled... John Reid