North Yorkshire Branch,
March Meeting and Lunch.

Members of the North Yorkshire Branch of the Royal Air Force Police Association at their monthly Meet and Lunch.
The Senior Gentleman at the bottom right is our oldest member. John Fields , John who is 91 plus has like several other members present rarely missed a lunch or meeting since the inauguration of the Branch 19 years ago. John has not always been a Paragon of honesty, he
Initially enlisted into the Royal Air Force and commenced Aircrew Training but was brought down to earth when it was discovered he had added two years to his age in order to enlist.
Member Paul Carruthers held a personal raffle raising 30 towards Prostate Cancer UK .
Pauls son Matt will be running in the 2018 Paris Marathon to raise funds for this charity.
Members of the NYB offered to support his efforts with a further Donation of 100- 00 from Branch Funds to this cause.