Nothing like food to shut people up.
Veteran RAF Police members from North Yorkshire at their November Lunch held at the Victoria Inn Nr Malton.
Members had to ford flooded roads , circumnavigate landslides , make detours to reach the venue, this was additional to the ever present hazard of having to make the return journey during darkness across the Fylingdales Moor where it is said Werewolves frequent the area around the old haunted Saltersgill Inn.
Nevertheless a enjoyable meet and lunch was had by all, Chairman Allen announced that the raffle had raised 47.00p for our favoured charity. GNYAA.
Treasure Mike did better, he raised 100-00p from members donations with his "Charity Vs Christmas Cards " idea. The money will be donated to a favoured Stroke Charity.
Photo of road was taken South of the "Plough Inn " Sleights. "Blue Bank" higher up was completely impassable.