I am looking for your help to promote the newly installed carved pavers we have introduced at the RAF Police Memorial site at the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA), Alrewas

As a member of the Memorial Committee I have a duty to try to contact members of the families of past members of the Royal Air Force Police.

We need to inform them of the new facilities we have created at the NMA in which they can have their departed relatives/friends commemorated on an engraved paver.

The records attached to this email shows the 186 former member of the RAFP who have passed away since 2011.

I believe that the majority of the relatives of those former RAFP may not/ will not be in receipt of any RAFP publications (Provost Parade, The Griff, Branch magazines and our web pages)

I wonder if current serving personnel, as well as those who have retired ,and who receive any of the above mentioned publications, could be made aware our endeavours together with the names on the list.

If their former friends and/or colleagues are unfortunately on that list then for them to please advice those relatives of our endeavours at the NMA

Should you decide that you can help, through your publications, then any relative, or interested persons, can contact me for advice on proceeding towards having their loved ones remembered at our parade on the 23rd June.2016

Thank you in anticipation,

John Curtis

Memorial Committee Member

Tel. 01159612662

the 186 former member of the RAFP who have passed away since 2011.

Adams James

Adams Tom

Ahearne William

Ardley Brian

Asquith Vince

Ball Les

Banks G.

Benson D

Berryman James

Betty Gordon

Biggar Gerry

Bishop Ronald

Blakie Bernie

Blundell Bob

Bone John L

Bower Tony

Bowerman Neville

Bowery Peter

Bradley Bill

Brookman Dave

Brown Andrew

Browne Angela

(nee Hatton)

Brunger Mark

Buckles Ronald P

Caisley Charles N

 Carter John

Cawkwell David

Chapman John

Chapple Derrick

Chester Ron

Clarke Colin E

Cliffe Jim

Clingan Ian

Cockworth AlanF

Collins Fred

Conway Dave


Cooper Howard

Cooper John

Copland Dave

Cornish Chris

Coulter Martin

Cox John

Cross Jack C

Cutler John

Dale Peggy

Daly Tom

Davey Martin

David Owen

Davison Dave

Dennis Peter

Douglas Ronnie

Drinkwater Reg

Duckworth Shirley

Dunn A

Dunn William

Ellis John Henry

Evans Harry

Ewens John

Flanagan Paul

Flatman Brian

Forrester Drew

Freeman Mick

Fryer Dave

Fuller Stan

Gale Derek

Garvey John

Gausden Bill

George Jeremy

Gilmore Keith

Glazier Robert

Graham Jim

Grayson Dennis

Gregory Bob H


Hall George

Handsley Gordon

Handsley Gordon

Hanton Bill

Harper Eddie

Harrison Eric

Hart Tony ‘Morph’

Hawksworth Alan

Hayler David L

Headley Michael

Helps Rowan

Henry Mark John

Hickey Bill

Holt Ian

Hopping Jeff

Horsburgh Ian

Horton Mark

Hull Barry

Humphries Barry

Inness George

Irvine Mike

Jewitt Terence

Johnson Peter

Jones Colin F

Jordan Joseph M

Lafferty Stephen

Lamb Reg

Landy Dennis

Lawrie James

Learmonth Clive

Llewellyn Colin

Lockhart William

Logan Mick

Mabbott Terry

Mackay Stuart

Mackenzie Iain

Manley Mick


Mather Alastair

Matthews John

McLaggan Ian

McTurk Michael J

Meyheux Barry

Montgomery Cameron

Morris Paul

Muller Salomon

Munton Alan

Murgatroyd George

Nelson James

Newton Geoff

Nuttall Stevie

Organ Wyn

Owram John

Parry Mick

Paxton Graham J J

Peacock Trevor

Pearce David

Pearson Ronald

Perrett Tina

Perry Chris

Perry Dave

Phillips Geoff

Potter John

Quinlan Pat

Quintrell Reg

Ransley Brian

Ratcliffe Gordon

Rayner Arthur

Remnant Dave

Roberts D.

Roberts Roy

Roebuck Colin

Rule Cliff

Saunders Bryan E

Scally Thomas


Seddon Lionel

 Shields David

Siddall John

Simpson Ray

Stubbs Dorothy

Sutcliffe Ron

Taylor Liz

Thornley Eli

Thornton Malcolm

Tottle Gordon

Townsend Murray

Townsend Tony

Wade Eric

Waller Peter

Walters Geoff

Walters Geoff

Ward Nicholas

Watson Pete

Wilson John

Windle Frank

Window Drummond

Winsor Mike

Winstanley Bill

Wiseman Jim

Witherington Alan

Wortley George