RAF Marham in the Fifties

1st designated RAFP landrover. Had to use anything from the M/T section previously
Standing 'Geordie', seated Pete Cook

RAF Marham Guardroom

Cpl Roy Oates - Sgt Ray ? and A/D Gully

Pete Cook with A/D Gully (Gulliver)
Not a D/H just a friend of Gully

Pete Cook 'Perry Mason, John Dunderley, Dave Spence

Dog Handlers posted in with the arrival of the Valiants

Standing L to R
Max ? Harry Singleton Dave Horwood ? ?
Seated ?

RAF Marham 55/57

Roy Oates with A/D Gully

Pete Cook, Johnny Badger


Les Revell, Pete Cook, Sgt Bill Beckwith, Johnner Badger, Brian Pitcher

RAF Marham 55/57
Fling visit by HM The Queen and Prince Phillip.  There were frequent fly ins being the nearest to Sandringham.  The red carpet was a reel of red rubber kept in the Station Flight Hangar

Facing L to R
Les Revell, ill Mac?
Backs towards camera Sgt Bill Jones, Pete Cook

Reverse of the photo below

RAFP Course 59b 54/55 Netheravon

Instructor - Cpl 'Jock' Young
Pete Cook Front row 3rd from right