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The first of several photographs received from Rick Southern of the RAFP at work in recent times at various locations.




Members of the North Yorkshire Branch at their March meet and lunch at Thompsons Restaurant A64 road York.






Thank you to all who attended the memorial service in Sutton Wick Lane to remember the victims of the Sutton Wick air crash 65 years ago.
To remember those who were killed or injured on the 5th of March 1957;
Electricity Meter Reader - Mr James Matravers 19yrs – Perished
Local Resident - Mrs Muriel Binnington - Perished
Local Resident - Mrs Margaret Stanton – Trapped and later rescued
53 Squadron (The crew):
Flight Lieutenant Norman Ernest Henry Gilbert - Aircraft captain – Perished.
Flying 0fficer M J Ludlam – Co-pilot – Injured.
Flight Lieutenant Reginald Gordon Wilcox - Navigator – Perished.
Sergeant Gordon McLennan Woodhouse – Air Signaller – Perished.
Corporal John Leonard Arthur Spoel - Air Quartermaster - Perished.
47 Squadron slip-crew:
Flight Lieutenant V J R Hurring DFC – Pilot – Injured.
Flight Lieutenant Leonard A Andrew - Navigator – Injured.
Flight Sergeant Jindrich Zarecky – Pilot –Perished.
Sergeant Walter James Owen – Air Signaller – Perished.
Sergeant Douglas Robinson – Air Quartermaster – Perished.
RAF Police Dog Handlers: All Perished
Leading Aircraftman Thomas Arnison Jones from Glossop.
Leading Aircraftman Tony Fredrick Blakey from Boston.
Leading Aircraftman William H Gorst from High Heysham.
Leading Aircraftman Raymond Thorley from Leeds.
Leading Aircraftman George Raymond Croucher from Roslin.
Leading Aircraftman Colin James Elsegood from Middlesborough.
Leading Aircraftman Robert Rose-Harvey from Poole.
Leading Aircraftman Michael John Corden
And their dogs...
Thank you to all those from the Sutton Wick "family" past and present for joining us in remembrance.







This morning here in a wet and misty SW France I attended a ceremony as I do each 16 February. The ceremony is held at the War Memorial in the village of Grun Bordas, about 1hr 20mins from where I live, to remember the crew of an RAF Short Stirling Bomber of 199Sqn who died after it crashed following a weapons drop to the local Resistance on 16 Feb 44. The villagers turn out each year along with local dignitaries to pay respects. I had the honour this year to represent the Australian family of the Pilot, Pilot Officer Kevin Robinson RAAF and laid flowers on the Memorial on their behalf. We Will Remember Them.

John Reid











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