On Remembrance Sunday 2017 in Central London, it rained until about 7.30, but for the rest of the day, it was fine with a cool northerly wind.  This year, our very cheerful contingent numbered 50 (ish), and included 5 first timers on the better side of 70!  With the kind permission of the Provost Marshal (Group Captain Steve Horne MA RAF) we were joined by Warrant Officer Dale Woolman-Lane MBE  RAF.  Our meeter and greeter was principally a happy Mick Griffin.

The joint leaders of our contingent were former Provost Marshal and Association Vice President, retired Group Captain Ted Scaplehorn OBE and Association Chairman, Alan Mitchell.  They were as usual “escorted” by retired  Group Captains John Rose OBE and David Stanley.

Our Right Marker as usual was BBB,  Big Brian  Burgess.  Our Left Marker and TV target was as ever George Badger Brookes, wearing the contingent identifying badge of C23 (Column C, contingent number 23).  The rear Right Marker was Graeme Sparke MBE, with Brian Flinn as rear Left Marker.

The RAF Police Association Contingent was under the control of the Association National Parade Marshal, Bill Veazey MBE.  

This year Eddie Snailum carried the wreath from the Provost Marshal and serving RAF Police, while Mark Newsome carried the wreath from all members of the Association.

On  Whitehall we were positioned way down towards Trafalgar Square, so when about 11.45, Bill called us to attention and “quick march”, we had quite some distance to go before we gave a smart “eyes left” to the Cenotaph.  Some minutes later we gave an equally smart “eyes right”, to HRH Prince Edward and the Royal British Legion President, Air Marshal David Walker.

Back on Horse Guards Parade, we did not have long to wait for the National Anthem and Bill issuing the great order of “Dismiss”.  We retired through Horse Guards Arch, crossed over Whitehall and down into the basement bar of the Silver Cross pub.  There we joined our relatives and friends for a drink and excellent finger buffet.

Also on parade were several members who are patients and carers from Blind Veterans UK (formerly St Dunstans).

Bill Veazey as usual, attended the Garden of Remembrance on the Thursday before Remembrance Sunday and there he once again met HRH Prince Harry.

For the 15th successive year, there was an RAF Police Association Contingent marching on the annual parade at the Cenotaph.  Next year’s parade will commemorate not only 100 years (precisely) since the end of the First World War, it will also celebrate 100 years of the RAF and the RAF Police.

John Walton

1. On Horse Guards

2. Our Leaders

3. Wreath bearers

4. On Horse Guards

5. Chairman and others

6. Almost ready

7. Parade over

8. Parade over

9. Wreaths at Cenotaph

10. Garden of Remembrance

Saltwell Park Gateshead Poppy Field Parade 2017
Ed and myself with Roger and Standard once again did the Parade at Saltwell Park.
Alan Weeks

James Bishop (Canada) has supplied the following link of the RAFPA members marching past the Cenotaph on Sunday:


1hr:44min in.

Remembrance service at Newark Air Museum today.Nigel Bean, organiser of the service, Chaz King, ex RAF Regiment and Michael Hall. May look as though we are bathed in warm sunshine, but a northerly wind kept it rather cool!

Martin Uden and Alex Flavell

Taken on Armistice Day in Verfeil sur Sey of John Armfield and the Adjutant of the French Parachute Regiment Association.

Al Youens

Chris Whyman

John Brogan

Armistice Day Parade at Brighton. Mark Wilson and Simon Vince.

A few images of our Remembrance Ceremony this morning, high up on the Columbeira Heights where in August 1808 the British/Portuguese army under Sir Arthur Wellesley, gave the French occupying troops a jolly good spanking...!! This year we were also blessed with the Scottish bag pipes played by Julie MacIssac....!!

A photograph of the full Wiltshire Branch RAFPA contingent taking part in today's remembrance service at Lydiard Park in Swindon.

All the Crosses planted in readiness for the official opening on Thursday. As ever, a BIG thank you to Frank Turner for preparing the Crosses and to Steve Davies, who maintains the RAF Police Roll of Honour. Bill Veasey