5 District Ruislip Late Summer 58 From Districts around the UK.
RAF Police NCO's Gather prior to taking up Security Patrol Duties around Horse Guards and Whitehall.
Faces and characters I still recall though passage of time denies me the names.There are a few names I do recall, Detachment Commander Flt Lt Mountjoy a favourite of the time. John Christophers, Bob Payne, Reg Barret , Dick Warne, Paddy Mc Clory,Spud Brooks, Roger Knapp, Geordie Merryfield, and who could forget 'The Little Waster' Geordie Patterson believed to be the oldest Cpl in the RAF with almost as many campaign ribbons as Montgomery.He had served in India, some said he knew Rudyard Kipling I do not believe that,, but he certainly served in India before and during the war. He had the Campaign Medals, as well, we all knew. A night on the booze for Geordie meant we had next morning to retrace his steps from the Local Hostelry and recover his false teeth. We then had to visit the local Pawnbrokers and redeem his medals.
Happy Days.