How it was when I arrived ex Paris. we were accommodated in a ex Cavalry Barracks in Mons. we were in a hayloft above the stables and we were all convinced the horses were still below us but had died some time ago. Mattresses were Belgium issue sacking stuffed with hay and no sheets.Horse
hair blankets.
Those were the days of comradeship. Myself and Dave Boxall were the first RAF Police to go to SHAPE in Paris as it was then, We became integrated with a RMP Unit (another story) the unit eventually became Tri Service 15 of each by the time I left.. I have some group photo's
taken outside the old HQ in France have been trying to look them out, but the wife cannot remember where I put them.. If you can find a place for these on the Web with the hayloft story do so it may draw some more of us out of the woodwork. Brian Pressland is the only one I can see in the Association . Matt Lord was in but resigned.  I make contact with him from time to time.