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I am not sure how I can best help this request.?
Cpl Shepherd died in Iraq in 2003.
There is a paver in his name at our RAFP Memorial, his name is also carved on the Basra wall also at the NMA and again at Southwick Park
I have sent these same details to Steve Davies and have asked previous National Chairmen for info
I wonder if the contents of this request might produce something from our RAFPA friends
If anyone has anything to help would they pass that to me and I will collate and pass on to Toni
If they do not wish to have any contact with Toni could they indicate that to me
Thanks in anticipation
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2016 10:53 AM
To: John Curtis
Hi John,

Many thanks for your email. Sorry I didn't realise you didn't know David. I know he did have two elder sisters Paula and Debbie, do you know where they are or what happened to them? I would have liked if possible to have met his family, but I appreciate especially with his grandparents that I wouldn't wish to cause them any further upset or heartache due to their age. I however did love David very much and it would be of some comfort to see them if only once. If it isn't deemed appropriate for me to meet them, is it possible I cam write to them? On Saturday when I was at the Arboretum I went to see the Basra wall last before I left to come home so had absolutely no idea for definite that the Cpl D J Shepherd commemorated on the wall was my Shep the man I had loved and once hoped would have a future with. I asked one of the people I was in RAF recruit training with who was also RAF police and he confirmed it was him as he was in Iraq at the same time on operations.
Is there anyway of finding out who attended his funeral or any way of being put in contact with them??
Speaking to Kay and other people who also knew him over the past few days has been a huge comfort especially whilst coming to terms with his death and will help me be able to grieve for David. Any photos or anything that can be provided of his funeral etc will be a huge help as would being able to speak to people who were there when he died and those at his funeral and people who actually knew him. Am thinking of potentially launching a memorial page for him on Facebook so all his friends and former work colleagues can post photos, recollections and their memories of David so I can help keep his memory alive

Many thanks for your time



---- John Curtis wrote ----

Good morning.
As the RAFPAArchivist I only maintain the records and did not know David
I have the report of David's death together with photographs of the memorial paver that was laid at ourRAFPolice memorial at the NMA which I believe you did not visit?
I do not know where his final resting place is but I do have details
of his surviving relatives (grandparents) in Scotland who attended another memorial laid for David at our training unit near Portsmouth
Let me know what action you would wish me to take

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On 11 Oct 2016, at 09:14, Toni Cooper <> wrote:

Hi John,

Kay Bee off the Ex WRAF group on Facebook suggested I contact you as she said you knew Shep aka David Shepherd (RAF Police).

Not sure what she has mentioned to you but I only discovered on Saturday that he had died whilst visiting the Memorial Arboretum and I saw the Basrah memorial wall. Am still in shock to put it mildly and feel absolutely devastated I didn't know all this time as would have liked to have gone to the funeral to say, "Goodbye" to him as we were very close once.

Not sure which is going to be the best way to do this but you can either add me on Facebook (Toni Cooper - my surname was Benison when I knew Shep) or you can email me.

Many Thanks and hope to hear from you soon