Update:1700 hours

This is heatbreaking my fellow RAF Police/QPD/Kennel maids and friends. Has, you are aware, this morning, I posted that I was on my way to Cambridge to visit a very dear friend Stewart Skouse . Into the journey of approximately 30mins, I received a msg from Gloria Skouse, stating that Stu..had gone into a sleep. And that family members were by his bedside.
And that, could duly postpone my visit. To, which I duly acknowledged.

Last Thursday I went to Addenbrooke's Hospital (Cambridgeshire). To visit a very dear friend; who I served with on several occasions whilst serving in the RAF. My friend and fellow comrade being Stewart SkouseRAF Police / QPD. On Monday evening I received a phone call from him saying his condition had turned for the worst (Lung cancer). Come high hell and high water after work I am going to visit my friend tomorrow morning. The reason I am posting this, is that it has been mentioned on a couple of closed groups; over the last few days. And that some of you ex RAF Police/ QPD/Kennel maids are not aware of the very sad situation with Stu. Also would just like to send my thoughts to Gloria Skouse and extended family. In these very sad times. Luv ya pal