Pleased to inform you that Chuck's medical condition has now much improved and he has been transferred from hospital to the same Nursing Home as that of his wife Kath, in Scarborough.

This hopefully only a temporary measure until he gets himself mobilised and re-orientated and able to cope in his own home environment.

May I on behalf of Chuck thank all those who have sent him cards and letters of encouragement during his stay in hospital. Thank You.

Jim Gunn has now been discharged from hospital and is now on light duties - excused gaiters and boots - for 3 to 5 weeks

As you all know Jim our chairman of Vice went into hospital on Tuesday
7th January for a operation. He was expecting to be home within three days.
Today 14th he is still in hospital, speaking to his wife Marion this evening she told me he is not expected to be released for a further Few days.
I will keep you all updated when I have any further information about Jims discharge from hospital.
We all wish Jim a speedy recovery.

Regards to all,


Members of the North Yorkshire Branch visited Chuck in Scarborough Hospital yesterday 27/1. He looked as though he had been through a Mangle not surprising considering at the age of 87 he had been involved in a traffic accident that had written off two cars.
It had certainly aged him but he was able to tell us about one of his experiences in Germany, difficult for him but a good sign and also at the same time had a jocular rapport with the Tea Trolley Consultant. Of course his concern was his inability to visit his wife Kath who we know has been in a nursing home this last couple of years or more and until this accident had visited her daily. He is expected to remain in hospital for a further month we hope that on discharge he can return to independent living.

Age Health and Distance makes visiting Chuck for many of us difficult, however as you all know Chuck over many years has entertained us with his many contributions to The Griff, Provost Parade and other Publications, with anecdotes - always amusing - of his career in the Royal Air Force Police beginning in 1948 how many of us remember that far back?.

Let us now say it is 'Payback Time' and we help Chuck through this rough patch, by sending him a line or card w.h.y. anything amusing that will help his days along.
His address:- John Agar, Bed 18, Holly Ward, Scarborough Hospital, Woodlands Drive, Scarborough , YO12 6QL. Or to his home address in Scarborough.



Chuck Agar, NYB. ( He needs no introduction)
As a result of a traffic accident on New Year's Eve in which both vehicles were a write off. Chuck sustained a cracked Sternum severe bruising and swelling to his right leg. On release from hospital and after spending several painful and unpleasant days at home he was readmitted where it was discovered he had a cracked rib, a infection in the chest and left knee , which had not been previously diagnosed. It is estimated Chuck will be in hospital for a further 4 weeks and those that know him will appreciate he will not be a easy patient for those entrusted with his care.
He is on Holly Ward at Scarborough Hospital.
For any further details cont Ken Turner Branch Sec.

Jim GUNN chairman of vice North Yorkshire Branch has recently been diagnosed with Bowel Cancer . He wishes to thank all those who have sent him cards , get well wishes and messages of support.

He is today 9/1/17 at home and OK having successfully having had the first of two ops to remove the offending pieces.
He is to undergo further surgery in a fortnights time.
We all wish Jim a speedy recovery and return to duties.