7th. R.A.F.P.A. Reunion

Southview Park Hotel, Skegness

on 4th – 5th November 2016

Association members friends and guests at their seventh annual get together. It was said that due to a management change the Friday evening cuisine was not to usual expectations, however in the words of one much respected sage ." Food was but a side issue, the greater issue was the apparent comradeship amongst all which prevailed throughout the weekend.".

Friends, I am not sure how to start this The 7th. Reunion took place over this weekend at Southview Park at Skegness. Unfortunately things did not turn out to be up to the standard I have set over the previous six years. New manager with a change in management style (profit over service) New chef (no menu "Take what I offer" to save waste) and some of our members waiting for service which I must stress was not the fault of the waitresses who tried their best in difficult times. Thankfully the weekend was lifted on Saturday night. On the recommendation of Arthur Parkes I booked a new entertainer Johhny Lodge He kept almost everyone in their seats, or on the dance floor, for two and a half hours without a break. Thanks Arthur. I did not hear one word of complaint just lots of compliments. The highlight of this, my last organised event, was not only a complete surprise but totally unexpected. A lot of members of the RAFPA, some whom were present over the weekend, and an awful lot who were not, contributed to my being presented with an envelope containing cash and cheques to the value of 400. YES>>>>>FOUR HUNDRED POUNDS. I was lost for words for a moment or two (only for a moment or two mind you) I decided that the sum total would go towards our RAFP/RAFPA Maintenance Fund at the NMA Alrewas to pay towards the upkeep of the site. A contract for which is being dealt with at the moment. My cheque will be in the post tomorrow I am aware that a number of our members, who contributed to this magnanimous gesture, will not pick up this "Thank You" and would appreciate your passing on my grateful thanks to all those donors you may know. My particular thanks go to Dave Devonshire, Ken Turner and Bernard Lamb who got the ball rolling and saw it through to last nights presentation. Thank you all and Good Night.


Justifiably well deserved John. Your input and organisational skills supported by Mary and your branch in the Skegness Re-unions have been wonderful and well organised. Irrespective of the new management at Southview thanks to yours and Arthurs guidance the 7th Reunion was one of the best Ali and I have attended. The atmosphere and the fact that at 0015hrs everyone was still up and dancing is tantamount to its success. Thank you John and long may Skegness continue........ Bill n Ali

John Curtis receiving from Bernard Lamb the Host Branch Chairman a cheque of almost 400 made up from monies contributed by members and guests in recognition for his work and effort organising this event on their behalf for the past seven years.
This was a surprise presentation and John was somewhat taken aback he did however quickly regain his composure and in the spirit and a manner most befitting him, immediately donated the larger part of this sum to a Maintenance Fund for the upkeep of the RAFPA memorial site at Alrewas. This sum of money was donated not only by those present but by others who for some reason had been unable to attend on the night.
The surprise element of this presentation was only made possible by a team of dedicated volunteer operatives male and female who worked covertly during the weeks leading up to the event and on the night of the event. They know who they are and we thank them all. The flex is getting stretched a little. Thank you all , and Thank you John.

The second Photo,is John announcing his intention to donate a sum to the Memorial Fund.


Further to this sum being raised at the reunion more monies and items have since been generously donated , and thanks to Bernard Lamb. The total contribution now stands at 670-00  which it is understood John has donated to the Memorial Maintenance Fund.


Jack Sharp, sage and orator thanking Bernard Lamb and all members of East Midlands Branch who have for the past seven years sponsored and presided over this very successful event and wishing them continued future success.