Sutton Wick RAFP Memorial event
I was researching the crash of a Blackburn Beverley XH117 in 1957 (March the 5th) with the intention to build a display to go inside the sole Beverley aircraft at the Fort Paull museum near Hull. But on visiting the crash site at Sutton Wick, Lane, Drayton, Oxon, I was saddened by the lack of a memorial on site. It seemed strange to have memorials at Newark Air Museum (by Nigel Bean) and the one coming shortly in Hull. 150-200 miles away from the actual site, so I am trying to arrange a memorial at the crash site.

I have invited staff from RAF Brize Norton, Benson, & Air Cadets, RAFA, the British Legion, Scouts etc But as there were 8 RAF Police Doghandlers and their dogs on board all of whom tragically died, as well as 2 civilians on the ground. There will be local residents, some of whom helped to rescue three survivors from the wreck.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer, hopefully this will be a yearly event from now on with hopefully a more permanent memorial being created.

The details are;

Saturday 7th March 2015
1045hrs - 1110hrs

Sutton Wick Lane (near the Duck Pond & Green)
Nr Drayton, Oxon

Please park with due consideration for the local residents

Post event the Wheatsheaf pub has offered to open early (there is also the Red Lion pub as well)


Iain Henderson