I have attatched a photo of some of the lads that were at the Dog Section
about 1981, I thought that it might be of some interest
Top Left: Terry Lowe, Moggy Morris, Griff Griffiths, Andy Hammilton, Andy
Wood, Brian Simms, Andy Bloomfield.
Bottom Left: John Russel, Ray Grint, W/O Lumb, FLT Mall Davidge, Terry
McCaffie, Ade Palmer, Phil Rendel

In 1986 I was at RAF Akrotiri, and did some training with the Army Air
corps, Sgt Roger Clarke was the section I/c and managed to commandeer one of
their helicopters for the RAF Akrotiri Open Day. RAF POLICE sign on the
front of helicopter. One of the Cypriot dog handlers was back to back with
me in the helicopter his name Greg Iaanou, A/D Kim, and I had A/D Pete,
scenario was chase vehicle down Perry track in helicopter, two criminals
leave vehicle helicopter lands and both dogs released to apprehend
criminals, a fantastic day! Moggy Morris and Roland Rat were criminals
driving the vehicle.