Arctic Circle Challenge

Now completed!!!

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Before I launch into this, which is essentially a 'begging letter,' let me say it is nothing to do directly with aviation or my 15 years as a Ground Pounder in the RAF.  Although I served through two conflicts, namely the Falklands and the Gulf, I never saw active service, so if it has nothing of interest to you, then please accept my apologies.

For those who do not know me, or my insignificant time in the 'Mob,' I served for 15 years as a direct entry Officer in the Fighter Control and latterly the Education Branches, before medical discharge with Multiple Sclerosis.

Earlier on this year I suffered a major exacerbation, which was in effect a stroke, leaving me unable to speak, stand or even swallow. I spent 3 months in hospital, and rehabilitation recovering about 70% of the functionality I lost, leaving me in a wheelchair for most of my waking hours.  I am, nonetheless fortunate to still be in employment for British Aerospace, and have decided to stop feeling sorry for myself, and start paying back to society what the RAF and BAe have been kind enough to give me.

I was going to take my wife and children to Florida to renew our vows and take the kids, OK and myself, to Disney World et al.  Unfortunately, my GP put a stop to that as I am heat intolerant.  My wife, God bless her cotton socks, said that I could, instead, take a couple of dogs for a walk for charity.

The upshot is that I am taking a team of Huskies on a 5 day expedition through the Arctic Circle to the point where Sweden meets Norway and Finland, for the Disability Living Foundation (DLF).  Visit for further details.

I have been committed to raising £2500 (two thousand five hundred pounds) for DLF.  If anyone feels they would like to contribute to this task and would like to donate a pound or dollar or two or more, if you e-mail me at, I will return my home address.  Any cheques should be made payable to Disability Living Foundation or the shorter DLF.

Any e-mails of encouragement will also be gladly welcomed.  Any one living in the BBC Southern Counties Radio area will be able to check on my progress, or lack of it, on the Neil Pringle show in April next year, as I am making an audio diary of the trip for this programme.  The exped will be over the 5 days of 13th to 17th April 2002.

I am not publicity seeking, but if I don't tell anyone about it, my chances of raising anything at all will be between none and very little.

Thank you for reading, Kim Bartlett