I was sorting out some cupboards and found a load of interesting photos from my days in the RAF Police.
I've scanned a few, I'll do the rest when time permts, and attached them for addition to the web pages.
RAF Debden jpg is the photo after we passed our basic course, ending in Jan or Feb 1970.

Names that I can remember as follows from left to right:
Back row : ?, Paddy ?, Dave Bradley,?, Dave Bould, Ricky Chandler, Ivor Green.
Front row: Terry Harriman, ?, ?, Dick Rugman Instructor, Dave Hope, Chris Davidson, ?.
Kneeling: Alan Healing, Alan Knowler, ?, Ivor Milne.
I wonder how many are still alive as we will all be in our mid to late 60s now? I know that Ivor Green, Chris Davidson, Alan Healing and myself made a career and SNCO rank but I am unaware how the others faired. I do know that quite a few left after their initial engagements, disillusioned with nuclear security duties!
The Police block Bruggen was taken in early 1971 after my arrival there. It was a single storey H block and as I remember, not a particular nice place to live! The yellow mini was my car which I had brought out from the UK and my bed space was by the adjacent window.

Debden Jan 74 was my CI Course photo.

Names left to right as follows, ranks as at time of photo:
Back Row: Cpl John Spooner, Cpl Ken Buchanan,Cpl Ken Holt, Cpl Dave Stanley, Cpl Willie Bernard.
Front Row: Sgt Alex Beange, Sgt John King, Me Cpl Alan Knowler, Sgt Rob Skinner and Cpl Tom Thomas.
I later served with John Spooner, Ken Holt and Alex Beange at P&SS(NR) and met Willie Bernard who was on Scot Det on numerous occassions whilst working in Scotland and also when I was later stationed at RAF Boulmer. Of course as you are aware, Dave Stanley later commissioned. He achieved a Distinquished Pass on the course attaining in excess of 85% on the final exam while I was second with 84.5%. I could have sworn that there were more on the course including Garry Newport but I may be mistaken Rob Skinner later was posted to the Police Liason at PMC and proved to be a very useful contact! Ted Helliwell was the instructor and as far as I can recall, we were one of the last courses that comprised entirely of volunteers who had passed a board whereas future course attendees were selected by PMC.
Test Team 1974 was taken at RAF P&SS(SR) RAF Northolt during the PMs inspection in 1974. Ranks at time of photo. It shows left to right, me Cpl Alan Knowler, Sgt Tom Snoddy, Sgt Frank Terris, PM,.Gp Capt Witherington (hiding by door) and Flt Lt J C Tyler OC Test & Surveys. They had us dress up in typical gear we wore on Tests, I'm as an airmen, Tom as a workman and Frank as the commisioned Orderly Officer. It fooled the PM as a few minutes he actually believed Frank was the station orderly officer.
The Test Team 2 photo shows myself, Tom and Frank. I still find it sad that Tom & Frank are no longer with us. I first met Frank at Bruggen in early 71. He was a Cpl at the time and was the NCO ic the Access Control to 25 Sqn, the Bloodhound Missile Site. We served together at SR and whilst away testing he tried (unsuccesfully) to teach me golf at the Pitch and Putt course at Chippenham between test phases. I later met Frank while he was a FS at Support Command Security.

 Al Knowler