History of the RAF Police at the ASU/NW Cvy Gp


As the last RAF Police SNCO to serve on the ASU/NWCG unit before it closes in Mar 02 I am currently researching a book on the history of the RAF Police involvement with the unit.  This
project has the required approval of the MOD as well as AOSy&PM(RAF). Please note that I am not attempting to compete with Steve Davies, in fact I have been in contact with him about my project, which is much smaller and very specific.

The basics of my request is set out below:

1. On 31 Mar 02 the Nuclear Weapons Convoy Group (NW Cvy Gp) will formally
cease operations thus bringing to a close the last RAF Police section
employed full time on Nuclear Weapons Security (NWS) duties.  The NW Cvy Gp
was formed initially as part of the Armament Support Unit (RAFASUPU) and,
from 1 Apr 01, will be a fully independent unit based at RAF Wittering.  To
mark the occasion, and the ending of the RAF Police NWS role, I am intending
to write a booklet on the history of the RAF Police at the ASU/NW Cvy Gp.

2. I am requesting that anyone who served on the ASU/NWCG contact me and I
will send them a questionnaire detailing the type of information I am
seeking.  In particular if you were involved in any significant incidents,
or if you have any stories which you may feel would be suitable for the
planned publication, I would be very grateful if you could contact me in
order to discuss issues such as Protective Marking and disclosure of
material.  I would be particularly interested to receive any photographs
that you may have.  Originals will be returned however you may wish to be
aware that it is my intention to provide copies of all material received to
the RAF Police Museum at P&STS, RAF Halton.

3. The role of the RAF Police in conducting Nuclear Weapon convoys over the
years has been a vital if, primarily for reasons of security, an understated
one.  This project is an attempt to provide a valuable historical record of
a significant RAF Police task, which is soon to become consigned to history.

4. You will wish to know that this project has the formal approval of
AOSy&PM(RAF) and that prior to publication appropriate MOD approval will be
sought through DCIS(RAF).

5. If you feel that you can help please contact:

Sgt Barry Jackson
NW Cvy Gp
RAF Wittering

Tel civil 01780 783838 ext 6051
GPTN 95351 6051