As it was half term for the schools last week and a lovely bright dry day I decided to take three of my young grandchildren to the National Memorial Arboretum. They had never been before and I was a bit apprehensive as to wether they would enjoy the visit. Well I can report they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We walked around the main memorial and then we went on the tour train, Kids always enjoy little trains I know but it gives granddads feet a rest as well, so worth the small charge as well as being informative. As I was "inspecting" the RAFP memorial they enjoyed rolling down the small grass bank. The grounds are so well kept and manicured you can only imagine what a beautiful place it will be in years to come with more additions and the maturing surroundings.
I am fortunate that I do not live far from it, but to those who do not, it is well worth the journey and if you do take children I assure you they will have a good time as well.
My grandchildren fell asleep in the car on the half-hour journey home, no stamina these young-uns.
I have attached some photos taken of the RAFP memorial that day.
Allan Whyman
RAFPA member