Hello all,
I've been approached by a TV Production Company asking for our help.
They are making a mini TV Series for the BBC (with the approval of MOD).  The subject is "Remembrance", and will be shown daily in the week leading up to Remembrance Sunday.
They are keen to potentially include stories from members of our Association, looking at a variety of conflicts, and the various parts people have played - not just those on the front line.
WW2, Malaya, Suez, Cyprus, Kenya, Aden, Korea, N. Ireland, Iraq, the Balkans & Afghanistan all come to mind, (and there may well be others!).
If you have a story to tell "on air", please let me know (I don't want the details, just your name, Tel. No.and the best time of day for the researchers to contact you).
No promises, but you could end up with a "Moment of Fame" !
Regards, Dave Wardell.