My name is Frank Authers, and I have written a book of my 30 years service, (1938 to 1968).  I published it myself as publishers wanted between £5,500 to £10,500 up front, I saved quite a bit of money by self publishing, but it also meant that I had to market it myself, and this has been very difficult. I have sent very many copies off to numerous magazines in the hope that they would review it, but they don't even acknowledge reciept, so I was wondering if perhaps with your help, I could get it on the RAFP web-page. I am not that good with the PC really, apart from the word processing side, so hence the cry for help. I did have 3 mentions in the "Griff" last year, which brought me the amazing number of just 3 orders, quite de-moralising!  I tried an ad. in the RAFA "Airmail" at a cost of £53, which brought about 14 orders, so not a viable exercise that. 

I had a thousand printed and to date have sold 210, I wasn't expecting to show a profit, but thought, at least, I would get my outlay back, I am about half way to that figure. I have had really good reports back from people who have read it. I was also offering it to RAFPA members at the lower price of £8 to include P&P

At the risk of boring you further, the title is "A Birds Eye View From The Ground", and starts with my enlistment in 1938 as an Aircraft Handler,(swinging props. etc) going over to Fance in the first week of WW2. return to UK about 3 weeks after Dunkirk, a 3 month troopship trip to Egypt in 1941, through the Western Desert to Tunis in the wake of the 8th Army, on the invasion of Sicily, then the invasion of Italy, landing on the beaches at Salerno,after 6 months in Naples was posted to a Spitfire Sqd.and seconded to the Balkan Air Force, supporting Tito's partisan's, finishing WW2 in Jugoslavia, then returning to the UK after a 4year tour. Post war service was, apart from UK was:-, Germany, Malta. Aden and Bahrein, Singapore and Gan. Demobbed from 3 District, Spittlegate, in 1968. The book contains about 100 photographs, and contains a lot of humour and a fund of amusing anecdotes, persnal stories and the lighter side of service life at that time. 


Anyone wanting to order can do so either by e-mail:- or on the phone at 01392 874171 , I trust them to forward the money after, or from my home address:- "Fairways",  Nutwell, Exmouth, Devon. EX8 5AP.  U.K.   Yes!, I will sell them to anyone in UK for the £8, but for overseas would expect the full price of £9-95 to allow for the much higher air-mail charges.