Photos showing the future mix of aircraft to use Brize Norton.
C130 Hercules J & K marks - up to 30 aircraft depending on in-service dates for A400M (Air Transport & Special Forces)
C-17 'Globemaster III' - 7 aircraft (Air Transport)
A400M - approx 23 aircraft (Air Transport)
KC30 Airbus A330-200 - 14 aircraft (Air-to-Air Refuelling & Air Transport)
Our current airplanes continue with the 'noisy' VC10's slowly being reduced in numbers and scheduled to be 'out of service' in about 2 years.  The Lockheed TriStars (L10-11) are due to soldier on until 2016.

That's todays plan, there could be changes depending on the Government's Strategic Defence Review due to be published in October (...ish!)"