Does anyone have any pictures from the NMA, Southwick Park, Edinburgh or any of the other locations remembered on this day? Please let me have them. Steve
Ladies and Gentlemen,
On behalf of the RAF Police Association, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members who represented us at the many and varied Remembrance Day Parades both within the United Kingdom and at overseas locations worldwide.  It is even more of an honour to be Chairman of the RAFPA when I see our members publicly showing the pride they have as ex RAF Police men and women and displaying the support we have for all branches of the United Kingdom Armed Forces, both past and present, particularly with regard to what has been happening in Iraq and Afghanistan in recent times.
Thank you one and all.
Brian Flinn
RAF Police Association
As is normal, you managed to thank all and sundry for making this years event the success that it turned out to be.  However, without your determination and hard work it may not have been quite so successful.
With this in mind, may I take this opportunity to express my thanks for once again organising the Cenotaph Parade on behalf of the RAF Police Association.  It was even bigger and better than anticipated and the TV coverage could not have been very much better.  If that does not inspire a few more of our ex colleagues to join the RAFPA and a few more of our members to march with us in the future then I don't know what will.  I believe an excellent day was had by all, and as far as I am aware, our first timers were suitably impressed. 
The buffet at the Silver Cross was once again plentiful and tremendous value for money with the social get together rounding the day off very nicely.
There would of course have been much computer work involved in this event, so it goes without saying that Clare is due our thanks for taking on that role within your organising of the event.
If you continue with this success each year, you will eventually have to book the whole of the Silver Cross for the buffet!!
Thank you once again.
Brian Flinn
Could I please ask if any one found a memory card in the Silver Cross where we had our do?
My guest from Seattle has lost a memory card there with photos of the parade and previous touristy things.
Dear All,
In London, Remembrance Sunday started coldish and damp, but in the end we did not get really wet.  Some 60 plus members gathered on Horse Guards Parade, shuffling about to keep warm, meeting and greeting old (and new) friends.  We all reported to Stewart McArdle who recorded our presence.  We also said "hello" to Archie Heath, Tony Harbour and Colin Denley who once again were personally taking care of St Dunstans patients, at least two of who are former RAF Police.  George Brookes introduced us to John Nicoll, the RAF navigator shot down in the first Gulf War.  Photos were taken by Bobbi Stenning, Beryl Coten and a RAF PR lady. 
At 10.20 we marched off Horse Guards, through the Arch and on to Whitehall.  Our leader again this year was former PM and President, retired Group Captain Ted Scaplehorn OBE, accompanied by retired Group Captains Peter Clark and John Rose  OBE. 
Dennis Cothay in his wheelchair, was pushed by Corporal Gareth Hughes (who was wounded in Afghanistan earlier this year).  Our right marker was Nigel Lacey, left marker and TV target George Brookes and the 2 rear "bookends" were Brian Burgess and Gordon Sidey.
The wreath for the Provost Marshal and RAF Police was carried by our VC Alan Millership.  The RAF Police Association wreath was carried by our Chairman, Brian Flinn.
With the kind permission of the Provost Marshal (Group Captain John Whitmell), we were again "guided" by Warrant Officer Bill Veazey MBE.  This year he was assisted by Flight Sergent Kenny Braddick.  We sincerely thank Bill and Kenny for all their efforts to keep us in step against the background of, bands, applause and shouting RSMs etc.  By all accounts these efforts were very successful and certainly one view from the BBC TV report confirms this.
Congratulations to all our marchers (everywhere) and heres hoping we have 70 on parade at the Cenotaph in 2010.
On Saturday evening, the annual Royal British Legion (RBL) Festival of Remembrance took place in the Royal Albert Hall (RAH).  Because the Association is celebrating our 25th Anniversary this year, the RBL allowed our Standard to be paraded.  There are only a few ex-services Associations permitted to parade in the RAH each year.  Our standard bearer was Richard Smith (LHCB) and we congratulate him on a job well done.
There were several members in the audience at the evening performance and we were very proud indeed.  I will send a copy of the programme in which the Association is mentioned to the Association Archivist, Jon Curtis.
What another great weekend for the RAF Police Asosciation.
John Walton

From the TV - Steve Silver

From Bobbi Stenning

From Peter Farrent

From the TV - a movie - courtesy of Bob Levens

and a very large one including the Army Dog Unit Northern Ireland lads

From Stew McArdle

From ADU NI: Admin

From Nigel Cox

Southwick Park

The band


Oakville Ontario