Dear all,
For those wishing to send "Comfort Boxes" to Afghanistan, the details of the new Point of Contact is:
FS Al Honer
RAF Police/FP
Camp Bastion
BFPO 792
Regards to all,
Brian Flinn

Please see below the message from the PM's WO in respect of "Comfort Boxes" for Afghanistan.
Please take whatever action you feel necessary in respect of sending parcels to the RAF Police personnel.
Brian Flinn
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The postal strike seems not to be happening and I am not aware internally the things are broken.  Historically the Air Bridge becomes strained at this time of year and it does have issues but we have not been told to discourage parcels.  It may be better to send a card or create your own cut off date.  I would suggest that in the next week would be best and annotate the parcels ‘For Christmas Day’ to save them being opened before hand.  There is a charity that sends out every year and it was headed by the Duke of Westminster.  Each year they produce a standard box with some weird, wonderful and also amusing gifts in.


Kevin Huggins


95381 7031



The Provost Marshal and WO Huggins have recently been visiting the RAF Police personnel in Afghanistan, visiting both Kandaha and Camp Bastion. 
All the personnel are in good spirits despite the extremely arduous and dangerous working conditions. 
They are currently engaged in mentoring the Afghanistan National Police on 14 day patrols.  
The "Comfort Boxes" being sent by RAFPA members are very well received and appreciated and the letters contained therein are always welcomed.
The RAFP personnel in Afghanistan will make every effort to respond to the letters received from RAFPA members and families.
The RAFP personnel engaged on operations in Afghanistan are approximately 10% female, so I'm sure the occasional bar of perfumed soap would
not go a miss if sent in the "Comfort Boxes"
Thank you to everyone sending goodies to the troops in order to make living conditions a little more tolerable.
Regards to all,
Brian Flinn
RAFP Association