Standby for Broadcast, Standby for Broadcast - You may recall that I advised that I was attending a ceremony on Thursday here in SW France, well here is my report on the days events, which did not turn out quite as I had planned ! Firstly a bit of the history. On the 10 and 11 October 1941 under the Codename " Corsican " 4 Agents from Section F SOE and 2 containers of arms were parachuted, for the first time, into Lagudal, Beleymas by the RAF to begin operations under the command of Colonel Buckmaster. This is an event very close to the hearts and minds of the local people and the organisor of this, the 75th Anniversary Ceremony, Claude Pierre Bloch's Father is named on the memorial. Well the day started well at 1030hrs in bright sunshine, albeit cold. The forest area where the memorial is located was ringed by Gendarmerie and all roads and tracks leading to it were manned and visitors checked prior to entry. Gladys and I took up our positions at the areas designated for each particular group, ours being the RAFA South West France. There were about 200-250 people present including an honour guard from a French Parachute Regiment, the local Mayor and Mayor of Bergerac and many French Veterans along with their Standards. Prior to the main event I had the opportunity to be introduced to Claude Pierrre Bloch who thanked me warmly for attending and stated it was so important that we never forget the bravery and sacrifices people like his father made - how true ! I also had a good chat with Sqn Ldr Dave Ford RAF Regt (stop booing !) who is currently on secondment to the French Air Force and is based at Bordeaux. Anyway we all took up our positions for the arrival of the Secretary of State for Veterans, Jean-Marc Todeshini who arrived accompanied by 4 x Gendarme Ourtriders and 4 vehicles. Then began a series of speeches before wreaths were laid and Monsieur Todoshini had a walk about and met with Veterans - including myself. During this time my dear wife Gladys had been taken unwell and was in the care of the medics in the back of an ambulance and I was tooing and froing between the two. They decided that she needed to go to hospital in Bergerac (20 mins away) for further tests so off they went with me in hot pursuit, needless to say I missed out on the final stages of the event and drinks. The service Gladys received both at the scene and at the hospital was superb. At 1630hrs they declared her fit to travel home having diagnosed a big drop in blood pressure the cause of the problem. She is fine now, but it was a little scary at the time ! Some of the photos are courtesy of a good friend of mine out here who is a part time journalist for an Expat Newspaper called The Bugle ! By the way this was the first time I have worn my Brassard since I cannot recall when (Kinloss 1998 I think). I am aware of the recent voices of opinions concerning this, however, from my point of view, I felt it finished off the uniform and I felt extremely proud to be flying the flag in such a way for the RAF Police and it certainly attracted attention with several people asking its significance - Another Job Done - Next one 11 November ! Best Wishes JR.