1  Entrance to The Mall 0830 (ish) L-R Mick Griffin, Dennis Cothay, Bobbi Stenning, George Robertson, Brian Davies, George (Badger) Brookes & Nige Cox
2 The National Police Memorial
3 The National Police Memorial Book of Rememberance last few years.
4 Horse Guards Parade 0830 (ish)
5 The Guards Memorial
6 At Bobbi & Nige Stennings Hotel 0600 09/11/08 L-R George Robertson, Nige Cox, George (Badger) Brookes, Bobbi Stenning, Brian Davies & Mick Griffin
7 Forming up on Horse Guards Parade. Back of Bill Veazey
8 Still Forming up. Some names in there. Centre, back of Stew McArdle, Bill Veazey, Steve Lamacraft, Dennis Cothay and Nige Bean
7 General Shot
8 The end of Downing Street (sign behind the lamp) where we were "parked" for the Service
9 The Cenotaph, from where we were "parked"
10 After the March, L-R Nige Cox, John Davage & Nige Bean
11 One P'd off Guardsman