Setting up the Trials Arena, 1979.

Cpl Kev "Beau" Lock  ---  an Arena Builder 1979.
(Note the late 70's fashion in trousers !)

Christmas Day 1979 --- DTF workers at dinner.

Christmas Day 1979 --- DTF workers at play ?!?!?!
(My notes say "Andy, Red & Karen".)

Post RAFP Dog Trials Function, 1981.
Quality of photos is variable ------ but give me a break ------ they were taken in very poor
light ------ 27 years ago !     God !  That makes me feel old !
Phil Cracknell and (I believe) "Skippy" Gulliver.
Apologies if I'm wrong re the second name

Tosh Thomas, Stu Skouse and ??????? (sorry).

Oops !    Name has escaped me !

Various dancers.

John Cooper struts his stuff

And again !  
(Close examination shows Bill Jenkinson just behind the lady.)

As we all know, Tosh enjoyed a "bop" in those days.

Really getting into it !    And that's John Cooper still dancing behind him.

The RAF Police Flight,  RAF Cranwell,  26 April 1990.