Cpl Taff Meats/Meets (?) and Hercules.
RAF Police Mounted Section, Akrotiri, 1971.

RAF Police Horse "Boy"
RAF Police Mounted Section, Akrotiri, 1971.

Yours Truly in the suit,  AD Husky handled by Stew Skouse.
56 Sqdn Open Day, Akrotiri, 1971.

"Sirius", the Station Mascot, RAF Akrotiri, early 1970s.
This pic taken in 1972.   Not really a Police Dog but he was
looked after by our Kennel-maids and handled by the SNCOs
i/c Dog Flight.    I often wonder who had the brainwave to have
a Pyrenean Mountain Dog as mascot in the heat of Cyprus ?

Kennel-maid Fran Austin takes one of her charges to the Grooming Range, RAF Debden, 1975.

In my album, this photo is marked as "Blue - Iain Todd & Tsar - Stewart Lamb", 5/75 QPD.

George Elliott, Chris Cowling and Steve Atkins making their
Padded Suits for the 1975 Trials (the last at Debden).