On the way home from Nottingham today (29 Apr 09), I stopped off at RAF Newton and was permitted to wander.
The OMQs are in the process of being demolished and were "Out of Bounds" whilst the contractors work on the new A46.
However, I attach several pics (taken on my phone) which viewers of the site may find interesting/saddening.
The amazing thing (for me) was that the old Dog School would not really take a lot of work to make it
usable again.    An industrial grass-cutter would go a long way to making everything look better.
But the basic structures of the kennels and facilities are still very sound.
Chris Wyman
Anyway, here's what I saw today :-------------

THE FOSSE CLUB (entrance)

THE AIRMEN'S MESS (entrance)

The Barrack Block closest to the Mess.

The WRAF Block doorway (where many a "goodnight" snog occurred).

 RAF Police School (where no snogging occurred ---- as far as I know !)

(and where I worked for 6 years - Webmaster)

SNCO's Mess


RAF Police Dog School Hangar (Hangar 3) ---- from the Kennels.

 Office of SNCO i/c Kennel Management & entrance to Quarantine Kennels.

Inside the old Meat Prep Room

Inside the old Meat Prep Room.

Outside Meat Prep Room & Dispensary

Inside the Dispensary.

 The Trainees' Restroom.

Inside the Quarantine Kennel Block.

An outside run at the Quarantine Kennels.

The Isolation Kennels.

The path to the Training Compound.

Surreal !    Almost expected Chas Worral, Ade Palmer, Squeaky Weeks, Red Adair or Bill Jenkinson to
emerge in a padde suit.    Ran in padding for several dogs myself in this compound.   The memories !


Teasing Area Number 1.    I "teased" the first Basic Dogs to be trained at Newton here in late 1975.

View from 25 yard Range, looking at "Free Runs" and toward Dog School.

The Free Runs.

What used to be the Demonstration Team's kennels.

"K" Range Notice Board.

A "K" Range kennel.



Looking at "K" & "L" Ranges.

"D" Range, which I was responsible for in 1975 and at various other times.

Outside the same kennel in 1975.  I believe the KM's name is Sharon and she was trying to get to know
the dog.  (This pic taken from a video.)

A rather sad reminder of what used to be !

I was amazed at the comparitively good condition of the kennels.

The Grooming Range.

With chain still attached !

The Dog School buildings viewed from the Grooming Range.

The Kennels viewed from the Grooming Range.

The Feed-bowl cleaning sinks outside the Meat Room ----- and still a scourer in situ !

The Dog School Buildings viewed from the approach road.

At one of the old "pill boxes", I found the remains of a Criminal Hide which
I had constructed in 1975.    The upright green pole is still solidly in place ---
but whether it's the original green paint from 1975, I can't say !

The DTF Hangar.