Cold War Warriors
The BBC is commissioning a documentary to be broadcast in a 5 part series on BBC1, running up to Remembrance Sunday (this year).
The researcher (Georgie Nicholson) wishes to speak (at first by telephone) to any ex service person who served during the Cold War. The idea is that those of us "who have particularly powerful personal stories to tell" should do so eventually person to person. I assume those considered good TV material will then be included in the programme.
If you consider your experiences might be of interest in this context, please contact Georgie direct. If you consider nominating someone else, you should naturally have their permission in the first place.
Georgie's contact details are:-
Telephone@ 0203 6185021
and another request
I'm looking for former RAF Police Officers who might like to contribute to a new oral history of the Cold War era. Essentially, I'm looking at the period from about 1946 until about 1990 and hoping to include all ranks and roles. I'm keen to ensure the valuable work of the RAF Police does not go unrecognised, so I'm interested in hearing from any association members who might like to share their experiences and anecdotes with me.

I'd be especially interested to hear from members who guarded the nuclear deterrent on the runways and RAF bases when the V-Force was still operational, but, really, I'd be interested in hearing from anyone, whether they think they have a story to tell or not. The more the merrier.

Because this is an oral history project, in the words of the interviewees rather than me, all contributions would be approved long before publication.

Best contact is by email - - but my mobile number is 07766 347788. I'm a working national newspaper journalist so evenings are better if anyone wants to call direct.

Warmest regards and thanks again

Matt Nixson