Memories of RAF Debden Police Dog Training School Dispensary 1968/9 - visit by Blue Peter (incl' Val Singleton herself!).  A set-up photo with several of the kennelmaids:
Left to Right - Ann Cork, Myself (Cpl Denis Hunt) as the vet's assistant, Rita Dumbleton, Maureen Edmonds, Janet Hughes, Cpl Bob Baker and the victim of my delicate hand was AD 7007 Bond (his number was held back to match the name!).
RAF Sharjah Police Dog Trials, 1970
Left to Right - Cpl Dick Lake, Cpl John Bastard, Cpl Dave Frew, Cpl Steve Webb, Cpl Mick Ellis, Cpl John Fleming, Cpl Dave Davies.

The eventual winner - Cpl Dave Frew & AD Lindi
RAF Sharjah 1970, Three motley dog handlers - L to R: Pete Goodhall, Myself, Harry 'H' Worth.
 RAF Debden Basic Police Course No 6, 1/7/1966 (All signatures are on reverse of photo's but no longer able to put names to all the faces I'm afraid.