Here's a selection of Photos from RAF Eastleigh, circa 1964-1965. Those featuring Newton Spours were kindly lent to me by him. Thanks mate!
1. Tony Gardener & Keith Tonge, Silversands beach Mombasa. 
2. Mick Duffin guarding the station sign. 
3. Doggie men L - R,  Louie Lamb, John Keeley, John Bolwell, Eammon McCotter.
4. Myself at the M.G.R. 
5 .Dave Smith &  Ian Gardiner. 
6. Myself.( Ngorongoro crater.)
7. West site billets.   L -R, John Bolwell, Dan Mcleod (not RAFP ), Bob Dickson, Mick Duffin (skiving off patrol!), Myself.
8. John Ensor & Bob Dickson, a spot of wheelchair bondu bashing.
9. Bob & John, at it again!
10. Police Block.   Standing  L - R  ?,  ?,  Clem (houseboy), ?. 
                            Sitting.  Newton, Dave Smith, Joe Murphy.
11. Newton,  Ian Gardiner.
12.  Snake with Pete Kimmins.
13 & 14.  Pete Kimmins: our resident snake expert catching night adders in gardens at AMQs                                                                                                                                                                                                  
15. L - R:  Newton, Dave Smith, Clem, Brian Rice, Frank Rice.
16.  Newton, 'The Car!'  Frank Rice
17.  Pete Kimmins & Newton 'on patrol!'
18.  Some of the Dog Section looking very smart.
      Standing  L -R,  Keith Spirit,  Louie Lamb, Eammon McCotter.       Kneeling,  John Keeley,  Terry Yates.