From: Ernie Baglow <>
Date: 10 February 2014 15:20:56 GMT
Subject: Short Film

Hi Steve
My son Brian and his future wife Belinda are in the film busness in a small way.
They have made a short 10 min film re an Old Veteran RAF Pilot and I think you have to see this film to appreciate it's message.
They have asked me if i could ask old RAF pals to give their honest verdict on the film as mine seem's to be a little bias!!!!
I am obviously very proud of their efforts . Ma Wee boy plays the Engineer on the film (bloody English accent) and obviously takes his good looks and finness from his Mother!
It's on You tube and I intend to put this on other site's
So would it be possible to put ths on the RAFP website and ask any feedback, addressed to me! as I don't want the guy's sending rude or truthful messages about me to Belinda as she still thinks I'm a nice guy and I really want her to marry my son.
The link is as follows, hope you enjoy and can help

Ernie Baglow:-D 8-)