This years Eden Camp Veterans Parade took place on Sunday 10th September, this is the largest annual Veterans Parade held in the North East.
Members from North East Branch, North Yorkshire Branch and Yorkshire (South) Branch
represented the Royal Air Force Police Association for Yorkshire and the North East at this years event.
The weather for the day was blustery and threat of rain constant. The rain came as the parade was on the Square and just as the Padre mounted the Podium - had he offended his boss? -
however the Vets stood firm throughout.
Campaign Medals indicated the seniority for many of the Veterans and the Croix de Guerre
was much in evidence and indicative of 73 years and plus.
The attached photographs taken in front of the Eden Camp Memorial though not necessarily
in a particular order portray those who took part. Roger Bishop, North East Branch. Arthur
Vickers, and two members of Yorkshire (South) Branch). Ken Turner North Yorkshire Branch.