RAF Typhoon flypast to 'complete' Guy Gibson's homecoming from fateful last mission

The stunt will herald a new Lincoln exhibition of Gibson's Victoria Cross and other memorabilia

A Typhoon fighter is to roar low over Lincoln at 300mph to dramatically announce a new exhibition telling aviation stories of incredible derring-do centred around Dambuster Guy Gibson's Victoria Cross.
And the jet pilot will have Gibson's RAF wings on board as he flies over The Collection museum in Lincoln, which is hosting A Century of Valour.

The event tells the story of bravery in the air and on the ground through three major periods in Lincolnshire's military history – the First and Second World Wars and the Cold War.

Gibson's VC is the star attraction which he won for his bravery during the dams raid over Germany in May 1943 and earlier sorties.

Tragically, he was killed in action the following year on September 19, 1944 aged just 26 and the Typhoon flypast could be seen as Gibson finally making it back to his base.

His VC has only been publicly exhibited three times previously and only in London and has remained stored away since 1992.

The exhibition runs from Saturday, January 25 to March 15 and the special flypast to herald the show is planned over the centre of Lincoln at midday on Friday, January 24.