RAF Halton, on Saturday 9 August 2014. Celebrating the anniversaries of:
1. 10th Anniversary of National Standard Dedication.
2. 30th Anniversary of RAF Police Association.
3. 70th Anniversary of RAF Police participation in D Day Landing.
4. 100th Anniversary of start of First World War.

Although the weather before and after the event was poor, on Saturday 9 August 2014, the sun shone all day at RAF Halton, where about 200 members, guests, serving RAF Police and an excellent band enjoyed a day of several separate events.
Arrival coffee in the Sgts Mess, Church service, march past, band display, RAF Police vehicle and equipmment display, cake cutting ceremony, lunch, group photograph, RAF Police Dog demonstartion, and a fly past by a Spitfire and Hurricane of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.
For the first time the Association National Standard carried by Nigel Lacey, was paraded along with all 12 Branch Standards. Our contingent of some 60 members was lead by Association National Chairman, Brian Flinn and commanded as usual by the Association National Parade Marshal, Bill Veazey MBE.
The salute was taken by the Deputy Lieutenant for Buckinghamshire, His Honour Christopher Tyrer and the President of the RAFA, Air Marshal Sir Dusty Miller KCB RAF retired and watched by the Provost Marshal and Commander RAF Police, Group Captain Kevin Bailey BA (Hons) RAF.
Special mention was made of 91 years young Mr John Twigger, who landed in France on D Day plus one.
Also present were 9 founder members of the Association, including Charlie Crossan, the first National Secretary. We thanked the 3 chaplains, Rev Crispian Acher, Rev Ken Appleford (HD & IOW branch) and Rev Jez Safford (West Anglia branch) who put the Order of Service together, but sadly hurt his back and could not drive to Halton.
Another great day in the continuing story of the RAF Police and its' Association.
John Walton

Mr John Twigger, A D Day Veteran who served October 1941 to August 1949

The photo above is by Gadge

Photographs: Mike Lester

Yesterday's day of events at RAF Halton which was arranged by John Walton and his p.a. Clare went like clockwork, even the recent wet weather relented for the day.Those who could unfortunately not attend missed a truly historic day whichno doubt they will see from the photographs which will circulate through members and the Griff (and perhaps Provost Parade).The timings of the day went off as projected, the buffet was both plentiful and varied. It was also good value, in case you had earlier doubts as to John's negotiating skills!The number of our members who were either on parade or watching it was truly inspiring and all our standards were carried with pride in church and on parade. The serving RAF Police were mightily impressed, as was Air Marshal Dusty Miller and other VIPs who attended. The serving members provided a very varied and professional display of vehicles and equipment. They also showed patience, pleasure and humour in answering the many questions we asked of them.The final RAF Police demonstration was of the various skills of the dog handlers and their animals. Some of the breeds of dogs were new to most of us; just as fast and fearsome as those we knew in our days in service. Of course we also saw those involved in specialist activities, drugs, ieds etc.The crowning glory at the end of the day was the triple fly-past by a Hurricane and a Spitfire, reputedly being flown by two Group Captains we even got the wing-waggle farewell as they left us.All-in-all it was a truly fantastic day and one which made one feel pride of our association and especially those involved in the far-sighted planning and execution of it. (Incidentally, the driver of our East Midlands branch coach made a personal announcement over his in-bus p.a. system. He said that as a coach driver one is generally mentally removed from the people they drive in the sense thatit is usually a fairly routine and somewhat mundane job. However, he said that on yesterday's trip when he saw what was taking place was astounding to him. He felt real pride that he had been a minor player in it. Now John and Clare, if that is not a valid compliment I don't know what is!)No doubt you will receive many plaudits from various sources but I have tried to reflect my own feelings and those with whom I paraded, drank and ate. A great and unforgettable series of events thanks.Yours in Fellowship....... Brian

I'm sure that your heartfelt words covering the event at Halton will be replicated many times over by those who were there to witness such a spectacle throughout. With regards to your mention of Sir Dusty Miller - whilst hosting him on the day - the job was made easy by the enthusiastic comments that he made at each element making up the day. At the beginning however, he did mention that- with so many serving RAF police on parade - he had better not mention some of the escapades he was involved with during his time spent on technical training at Halton. Your specific mention and thank you to John and Clare for all their efforts made in organising the day, was difficult to quantify, apart from saying that it could not have been any better, which Gill and I endorse wholeheartedly.
Best wishes
Ted and Gill 


Everyone must surely agree that the celebration at RAF Halton was a tremendous success. From the North East Branch we express our gratitude to the organisers and participants for the great day those of us who were there enjoyed.

Our branch member, 91 year old and D Day +1 veteran John Twigger who was present with us has told me that apart from his marriage to his beloved but now departed wife Connie, Saturday was the best day of his life. John does not have a computer and obviously is not on the internet but he has asked me to express his sincere thanks to everyone for the kindness they showed to him and how much he enjoyed the company of everyone he had the pleasure of meeting.

As John cannot access the internet and knowing how much he would enjoy seeing all the pictures and messages that have been posted, if anyone w ould wish to send such photos and messages via the internet for John I would be pleased to put them all together and pass them on to him.

Kind respects

Tom Padgett

Sec, NEB.

More pictures from Gadge

A movie from Tony Biskup

Plenty more pictures from Jim Spiers

I was the organiser in chief, so obviously my wife (Clare) was very busy. These events can only be successful if several people in addition to ourselves, play their part.
I was always backed by the National Chairman and other officers. I had an able assistant in Roy Laver of the London Home Counties Branch.
The Stn Cdr gave her permission almost 2 years ago, as did several successive chairmen of the Sgts Mess Committee and the Sgts Mess Manager.

We were given great help by the chaplains department at RAF Halton and by our Association Chaplains Rev Jez Safford (Mid Anglia Branch) and Rev Ken Appleford (Hants, Dorset and IOW Branch). They also seemed to have a word with their first employer for the wonderful weather we had on just that day. Friday, heavy rain, Sunday, heavy rain!
Our thanks go especially to Mr John Twigger (91) who travelled all the way from Newcastle to spend the day with all of us at RAF Halton. John landed in France on D Day plus one and on 9 August amazed us with his clear memories of those days.
Our Association National Standard Bearer, Nigel Lacey led all 12 branch standards in his usual professional manner. We thank Nigel and the other standard bearers for all their efforts which started at 10.00 in the church, through the marchpast at 11.00 and ended outside the Sgts Mess at 14.00.
As always, we were fortunate indeed to have our Association National Parade Marshal, Bill Veazey MBE on duty in the church and later on the march past. Our thanks to Bill, particularly in this 30th Anniversary year for his duties at the National Memorial Arboretum, RAF Halton and later on the Cenotaph Parade.
A particular thanks go to the 9 founder members (including Charlie Crossan the first National Secretary) who have supported the Association at various levels since those early beginnings in 1984.
On the day of course we thanked the band for its very special Last Post in the church, the lively march past and the excellent display of playing and marching.
Although I said it on the day, I will again express our collective thanks to the Provost Marshal for all the assistance the RAF Police gave to us before and during the event. At all levels, the RAF Police gave us support and their presence greatly added to the event.
I will also write to the Stn Cdr at RAF Coningsby to thank him and his OC Operations Wing for their flypast in the Spitfire and Hurricane.
Sadly there were several absentees and in the church I requested prayers for absentee members who in the main did not attend because of distance and/or ill health. All members are equally important, but some better known absentees were Steve Cattell, Neil Rusling and very sadly Keith Adams. The Association Secretary Alan Weeks, had just set off from his home way down in Cornwall, when his car was written off by a very elderly lady in her vehicle. Thankfully, Alan was only slightly injured and he is already back on duty. Several members had hospital appointments, or their wives needed to attend doctor or hospital.
A great thanks go to the several branches and individuals who have made contributions to cover some of the cost involved at the event.
If I have missed anyone out who should have been included, I apologise and put it down to age. I naturally could not blame my so called PA, Clare to who I offer all our thanks.
If you enjoyed the event at RAF Halton, please consider attending the Cenotaph Parade on Remembrance Sunday, 9 November 2014. If you contact me by email, or on 01395 446234, I will send you details. I can at least promise you a far better buffet for half the price!! It will be our 12th appearance.
Finally, please watch the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance, at 21.00 on BBC, on Saturday 8 November. Nigel Lacey our National Standard Bearer will be parading the National Standard along with other National Standards like the RAFA, RNA, RMA etc. This rare honour will be our 3rd time in 10 years!!
John Walton (and PA Clare Walton)
And pictures from John and Clare

The following pictures are the "Official" RAF Photographs taken by the Photographic Section, RAF Halton and are Crown Copyright

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