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A friend of mine is writing a Technical & History book about the military issue BSA WD B40 350cc motorcycles used by the Army, Royal Navy and RAF Police during the 1960s and 1970s and he is looking for period photographs which show these motorcycle in military service.  If anyone has any photographs showing an RAF Police BSA WD B40 350cc motorcycle and would be willing to offer a copy for inclusion in the book please contact me via email at

You will of course receive a credit in the book for the photograph and the only stipulation is that you must own, or know who owns, the copyright of the photograph.

Many thanks
Dave Stapleton
ex-RAF Police 1973-1994


I have been contacted by a family of a passed Snowdrop for some information re a RAFP photo they had seen.

Sadly when I reseached that photograph their Father was not on it. So here is his request for info on Cpl Michael Ryan RAFP.

can anyone provide info or photos?

"Yes that would be very kind of you to put a request on the site for me - I would be grateful for that.Some extra details are:

I believe that Dad served from 1958 to 1970

He was in Kenya and did a long convoy trip down towards the congo from there in late 50s early 60s

He was in various bases in England

and in about 1963 he was RAF Honiton

Then he was in Aden

Then after that in Cyprus between about 1965 to 1968

He finished his time as a corporal at RAF Northolt in late 60s to 1970

Sometimes people used the nickname 'Paddy' Ryan

Anything you could get would be very kind.

I will apply for his record as we(my brothers and I) would like to visit bases (from the outside) and quarters that we lived in.

Best wishes


Brian Burgess


Long shot but I am the Daughter off Arthur G. Bruce, my dad was in the RAF as per the details in the photo attached. Would love to here from anyone who knew him.

Yvonne Gascoyne 


Hi - I am writing this e mail in the hope that you can assist in finding information for a member of the RAF Police based in Kai Tak , Hong Kong during the years 1959 - 1961.

My father, Geoffrey Lambert, served in Kai Tak for two years and will be 80 years old this year. I know he would love to find old pictures taken of his colleagues and himself during his time in service.

I have scrolled the internet on several occasions and cannot find any information or pictures relating to the 1959 - 1961 period.

Would you be kind enough to advise whether you have any contacts or web links that I could investigate in order to provide my father with pictures to add to his memories.

In anticipation of your assistance, most appreciated.

Mark Lambert


I am trying to organise a re union of RAF / Military and police women and men served in Episkopi Garrison Cyprus during 1967 to 1970.
in particular at the HQs main entry Gates, there was a church of St George almost opposite there.

Would you be able to help, though is half a century / 50 years ago, the police station might have records of names etc.

I am originally from Sotira village about 3 km from the garrison, and had worked at Episkopi as an apprentice electrician, worked in 261 Signal squadron, HQs , RAF Police station near a Fire station, St John School and elsewhere.

I was then Christakis Georgiou though I am now known as Christakis Savvides my father's name

I have been living in Norwich, UK for the last 43years.

I will be moving to Sotira with my wife shortly

Your response or guidance will be much appreciated

Kind Regards

Chris Savvides , / Tel. 07835 5814566 / 01603 411707


My name is Neill Watson and Iím a Veteran of 14 years serving with the 2nd Battalion the Mercian Regiment. I now work for Age UK Darlington as a Veteran Support Officer. This is a new venture taken up with Age Uk with funding from the MOD to try and find Veterans born prior to 1950, As you can imagine itís been quite difficult to put together. My aim is to set up a Veterans cafť where Veterans can come and have a Tea & biscuit similar to the old Naafi break where they can gather to socialise and talk about days gone by. This Cafť will have a dedicated room of which I would like to fill it with past and present militaria this will in turn become a talking point with the Veterans.

Would this be something that you could support by donating a Cap Badge and Brigade flash? Or any other militaria to enhance the look of the room.

Neill Watson

Neill Watson
Joining Forces Support Officer

Age UK North Yorkshire & Darlington

Head Office:
Bradbury House,

Beaumont Street West
Darlington DL1 5SX

Phone: 01325 362832


My 16 year old daughter Christina went to a disco in Club 47 in RAF Gutersloh on 12th June 1993. She never came home, she was found dead the next day around10km from the camp, she had been strangled. No one has been convicted of her murder.

The Royal Military Police, have carried out a review of her case which concluded that there are grounds for a re-investigation. The investigation has now been launched and an appeal for information will be aired on Crimewatch Roadshow at 9.15 am on Tuesday 13th June, the 24th anniversary of her murder.

If you were in Germany at the time please watch the programme either live, recorded or on the BBC I Player and think back to that time. You will probably have heard about Christina's murder as it was a very big story at the time, both in the services community and in the UK as a whole. If you have any information, or know someone who may have information no matter how insigificant it might seem please pass it to the Special Investigations Branch (SIB) of the Royal Military Police via the number given on Crimewatch.

24 years have now passed and most of the people that were in Club 47 that night will have children of their own, these changed circumstances may allow them to look at it in a fresh light, some people may have held back information at the time because they didn't want anyone to know they were there or they were protecting friends.

Please share this post with your friends and ask them to share it further to ensure as many people as possible will see the appeal. After many years of standing still it is hoped that this appeal will be the first step towards achieving justice for Christina. 

John Menzies

Updated 21/7/17 Success. Deborah has been successfully located



I am wondering if you can help me?

I am trying to track down someone who I believe was in the RAF Police and based at RAF Patrington in 1973-1974

His surname is Middleton, I am sorry I dont have his first name.

My interest is I believe this gentleman has a daughter called Deborah who was an old school friend of my wifes some 40+ years ago and I would love to arrange a surprise meeting.

As you can imagine I have been looking for quite some time

If you know of this gentleman and can contact him, please could you pass on my details and ask him to contact me


If you can pass this on I would be obliged for a short Email to that effect

Likewise, if you have no knowledge I would also to hear that so I can sign off this line of enquiry

Many Thanks

Graeme Wiles



Quite a complicated "Help" about CPL D J SHEPHERD RAFP AKA "SHEP".  If you knew him please read


I am pleased to say that having examined every page of all 1950 Provost Parades today
I have found the subject matter.

Gerald was one of the first to serve on TCS, Cyprus when it opened in March 1957
My statement earlier that he did not appear in any photograph was due to the fact that there were more than 50 RAFP named in that picture
When I first started to list all RAFP featured in pictures in the PP's I balked at listing so many (early days and an obvious error ) which I will now correct
I will send copies of article and photo to his daughter tonight
No "Spec Rec" for me on this investigation but at least a tick on the board in the WO's office!!!



I have had a request from the daughter of Gerald Scamp who served in RAFP in Nicosia during 1956 - 1960. Not sure if MGR or District ?
She is putting together a "This is your life" gift and is looking for any info on her father and/ or photographs
She says he won a cartoon competition and received £5 and a copy of the magazine (not sure what magazine)
He is not mention in any issue of PP during that period nor is there a reference to the competition
Can anyone help?
Any info about Gerald would, I am sure, be of help to her in her quest.
Thanks in anticipation
John Curtis


I am carrying out research into a sector operations room which was linked to RAF Kirton in Lindsey in Lincolnshire during WWII. The Ops Room was moved away from the station to a location near the village of Scawby / Manton but the location has been lost!
From what we understand from veterans (whose memories are poor) there were 2 Nissan huts and a guardroom in which there were stairs or a ramp to enter the ops room underground. Do any of you know who would have been in this guardroom? We initially though ordinary airmen but threw this idea out as it was a sector ops room in an unfenced wood! Would it have been RAFP? Any information would be great as we would like to find veterans who served there so we can find the location of the ops room. (The RAF can't remember where it was either!!!) 
Thanks Sue Oliver - replies to Steve Davies 


have just launched my own website dedicated to the BSA B40GR Motorcycles of the RAF Police at As some of you already know, I am in the process of refurbishing my own ex-RAF Police BSA B40GR and will be updating progress on the website. If anyone can help with information and/or photographs relating to these machines I would be very grateful. Regards, Dave


I am trying to identify the member on the end with the pink mug
Photo taken at the 2005 AGM in Grantham
The others I know, Yours truly, Neil Gardiner, John Park and Jerry Merlo
Thanks in anticipation
John Curtis


I'm doing research for authors who are writing a book about aviation in Scotland, could you possibly help with the following queries please?

On the Sunday evening of the 30th of May 1948, Lt. Cdr. Kenneth Charles Winstanley RNVR was taking off in a Volunteer Gliding School glider from RNAS Abbotsinch when he crashed. Effectively a naval officer flying a RAF machine. He died of his injuries in Paisley Infirmary. There is only the briefest of mentions of the crash in newspapers in Aberdeen and Dundee. His name doesn't come up in the National Archives, neither does the crash yet others do. He is not even mentioned in the London Gazette. Would the RAF Police have been involved in anyway in investigating this accident? Would a report have been made and does it still exist?

What is being sought is the glider type and serial number?
What was the cause of the crash?
Also any images of the crash?

Would you have any information, anecdotes, and images of RAF Bishopbriggs?

Also any information and images when the RAF were based at Abbotsinch and Renfrew?

Lockheed had American civilians based at Abbotsinch and Renfrew during WW2, would you know how they proved their identities and any clearance out with those bases in Scotland? It has been a nagging doubt as everyone in the UK at that time had to carry an ID card.

any responses to one of the authors please, his name is Douglas

Thank you.

Derek Wands

4/2/16   15:30 

All sorted now

Warm greeting from Calgary, a request if you can help me; I am a bit of a pack rat for collecting British Police and military police memorabilia, i.e. RAF Police and RMP.

My brother, Cpl Michael ĎMickí Lenton, # 3520024 RAFP was stationed at RAF Akrotiri between 1959-62 he left the February as I arrived there in the March.

A group of RAF Police formed the original Sovereign Base Area Police, at Phassouri. This is where the request comes in I understand they, SBAP, wear a bell shaped patch similar to UK departments. I understand we have several members living in Cyprus, I wonder if one would try to obtain a SBA patch for me. I will refund any expenses required, even Calgary Police patches

In Friendship

Graham Lenton



It has been identified as RAF Eastleigh.

Hello troops, my mate who researches RAF vehicles has this photo of a guardroom with fire station attached (Or perhaps the other way round!) and he wants to identify location. Presume somewhere in the gulf around the 60ís looking at the RAF domestic fire appliance. All help appreciated.

Brian Burgess 


I am, on behalf of a friend, trying to find information on her Father,he was a Wing Commander in the RAF police and at sometime in the Canal Cone in the early 50s ending his career at RAF Filton.The name was Ernest Campbell and she thinks he enlisted in the 30s. I am sorry I cant give you much to work on but his daughter is getting on in years. Hoping you can help.

Bob Foggon.

5/12/15 -  7/12/15

A solution has been found - thank you for all the help
Thanks to all who have put me onto the Snowdrop pin with the black ribbon around it.
I have shown this to Mrs Beange and it is not what she is looking for
This is the one I want ( see attached photo)
Steve Cattell has produced an old catalogue of the PP shop which indicates they did sell the item (Thanks Steve)
This is contrary to the information given to me by the current manager of the PP shop
I will contact her again on Monday
However if anyone has a stock of these tiny pins I would love to hear from you


Steve, read the following on the website, as this is the birth place of my daughter Zoie in 1967 do you have a photo of the building for the family tree achieves please?

Alan Millership

So does anyone have any photographs for Alan of RAF Hospital Akrotiri?

From Harry


Had this through. Can anyone help?

I have heard that RAF Hospital Akrotiri is going to be demolished, My wife and I lost our son there. Do you know anyone who will know the whereabouts of the Memorial Book for babies. I have heard it possible to get copies of it, if so could you put me in contact with them.

Email me if you know anything please 



We can close this now. The memorial book is held at St Paul's' Church (Aki). It appears the book was something to do with a Lt Col? Also for future reference, digital copies are probably available. Grateful thanks to everyone who read and responded.


I am trying to complete the name of these RAFP who were at Jufair in 1969.
Can anyone fill in the AN Others?
An email to me would help John Curtis 


I collect poppy lapel pins/badges as one of my hobbies and have them suitably mounted,and have over fifty from various places.regretably I can't send a photo but any help with my collection is always appreciated ,thanks.



The attached photograph of a Cpl Jack Burton ,(recently deceased) taken in 1946
It has been sent to the Archives along with a couple more.
I have never seen a photograph of an RAFP wearing TWO cross straps?
Can any of the members, older than me, shed some light on this unusual dress code?
Thanks in anticipation


I own a 1970 ex-RAF Police BSA B40GR 350cc Motorcycle, which I am restoring back to full RAF Police specification and I am attempting to trace as much of itís history as I can. I served in the RAF Police for 22 years and rode one of these RAF Police BSA B40 350cc motorcycle on patrol when I was station at Laarbruch in the mid 1970s. Itís nice to be reunited with one again.

The Motorcycle was initially issued to the RAF in June 1970 and it was despatched to 431 MU at RAF Bruggen in Germany. It was held in storage at 431 MU until it was issued to RAF Gutersloh on the 16th June 1977. It remained at Gutersloh until it was struck off charge in September 1980.

The motorcycle was eventually returned to the UK and sold off via MoD sales at the Ordnance & Supply Depot at Ruddington, Nottinghamshire in the early 1980s. Itís RAF registration number was 37 AX 99. The motorcycle is still in itís original RAF Blue/Grey condition and runs very well. The restoration needed is mainly cosmetic.

I would be grateful to hear from anyone who was at RAF Gutersloh between June 1977 and September 1980 who might have ridden or had contact with this motorcycle.

I would also be interested to find any photographs of this, or any other RAF Police BSA B40 350cc motorcycles, whether in Germany or anywhere else as I am researching the full history of the particular RAF motorcycles.

Many thanks
Dave Stapleton

Telephone: 01484 682339



We need your help again to locate the Present Day Family of Flying Officer George Bell, died 21/03/1945 a member of the famous 617 sqn Son of George Edwin and Hannah Eliza Bell, of Hull.

Possible siblings Doris b. Mar 5 1909, Emily b. 8 Dec 1913 d. 12 Oct 1917, Lucy M b.Mar 1921, Margaret b. Mar 1923, Brenda b. Mar 1930 d. 1951, John R b. Dec 1930

Reason for asking for information is that there is a reunion of families of the crew that died together. If you know of any family please get in touch



I was wondering if, through your Association, I could find out if anyone who served with or knew my father, Denis Patrick Hurry, would be prepared to contact me to share any anecdotes or details of his service in the RAF Police.

Sadly my father and I were not close and I left home at 16 to join the BSA Police in Rhodesia Ė I am now Vice Chairman and Treasurer of the Matabeleland Branch of the BSA Police Regimental Association.

My father passed away ten years ago and I would very much like to learn more about him.


Karl Hurry

My name is Dave Stapleton, ex-RAF Police (1974-1996) and I was wondering if you might be able to help.

A friend of mine owns an ex-RAF Police BSA B40 motorcycle which was purchased and restored by his late father some yeas ago. The photo below shows the motorcycle as it is now. My friend has some of itís history and knows the following:

It first Ďservedí at RAF Gutersloh from 1971 to 1977, when it was transferred to 431 MU at Bruggen. It returned to RAF Gutersloh in March 1979 and was then sold off in June 1979. The service registration number was 36 AX 36.

We are trying to find out more about the motorcycle and would really love to find some photos of it when it was in service with the RAF Police.

I did find some photos on the RAFP Association website of some of these motorcycles at RAF Gutersloh dated 1975/6 posted by Jon Scott and I have emailed Jon to see if he has any others, two motorcycles in the photos have different registration numbers but the number of the third cannot be seen. However, I am not sure when these photos were posted and I have not heard back from Jon yet.

So, I was wondering if it would be possible for a request for information and photos of 36 AX 36 could be placed on the RAFP Association website please? Or maybe you have any other advice on this subject?

Best wishes


I am a former RAFP dog handler from many years ago. Nowadays I pass my time by making/repainting models in various RAF guises. I am currently attempting to replicate the coach in the attached photograph.

I wonder if you can provide me with any information regarding this coach.

When and where was it used?

How long was it in use?

Are there any other photographs?

Was it constructed/converted by a civilian contractor or in a RAF workshop?

If civilian, do you have information regarding the company?

Are there any plans for the design of the coach?

I would appreciate any further information that you could supply me with to enable me to make as true a replica as possible.

With kind regards

H T Munro

(Formerly 3153205 Cpl. Munro from RAF Scampton)

Just to say thank you for putting up the request about Ian, i have received about a dozen replies, plus some photos, so hopefully they will make his day on Sunday the 7th, which is his party date. Please pass on my thanks to all those who took the time and effort to contact me.

Cheers for now.

I am writing to you in the hope that you or your members could possibly help me. I am attending my brother in law's 70th Birthday party on Sunday 7th September. My brother in law being Ian Jackson. ( Group Captain APM Rtd)
Ian is in poor health at the moment, and I am hoping that some of your members will remember serving with him, and have some dits, comments, memories, testimonial or thoughts that they would be prepared to share about him. That I can print out and present to him at his birthday party.
I have obtained an approximate list of posting dates.
Joined RAFP in 1967 and posted to Andover
1970 RAF Germany P&SS
1972 RAF Machrihanish
1975 MOD
1977 RAF Rudloe Manor
1978 RAF Akrotiri
1979 RAF Brampton
1980 Staff College
1981 Rudloe again
1983 RAF Germany then 1986? promoted to Command Provost Marshall and stayed in Germany
Last posting MOD 1988 or 9
Retired 1990
If your members could contact me directly on my email it would be appreciated.
Many thanks
Ex Corporal RAFP Matt Wilcock G8212375



Hello I have come into possession of my grandfather's war medals but cannot seem to find any details about him on the usual web sites for service records. I know he was an RAF policeman as I have the photos in his uniform
and I know he served in Italy. I wonder if any of your members would be able to shed some light on the subject? His Service number is 1095343 CPL Charles Henry Ellis.

Regards Steve .


I don't know if you could help, but a local war memorial at Abergwili, Carmarthenshire, has the name of Sergeant David H Jones, RAF Police, died 1 May 1948.

So far I haven't been able to trace him, and I can't see him on your roll of honour.

I need to make a trip to the local archives at some stage to have a look, but wondered in the meantime if you have any way of finding out more?

Steve John

I need airfix type plastic model kits for the lads who are undergoing treatment at Audley Court for PTSD under the auspicies of Combat Stress. I recently took them a mass of artists materials for those who were learning to oil paint. Whilst I was there I noticed a lad obviously struggling with his PTSD building and painting a plastic model. He was so engrossed in it I don't think he even noticed I was there. I asked if they wanted kits and the helper said they could not get enough. I have the RAOB (the Buffaloes) helping me and have received 8 kits so far with more to come. Can we do better than them?  Mel Price.


Iím helping a chap with info to restore his RAF L/R.

He has collected loads of photos of the VRN range of his L/R, as ever, sodís law, he has not unearthed a photo of his own vehicle.

Anyway, he has collected loads of L/R photos with RAFP leaning on them......... Here are some for interest .

No other info about when or where they were taken, but Iíve no doubt someone will know something!

Brian Burgess


A chap Iím helping with some research into RAF L/Rís sent me this photo. Dead chuffed as Iím in it!!

Has anyone got an original/larger format/better copy?

Brian Burgess


I am researching the service record of my father, Sergeant Reginald James Weymouth RAF police VR 6-2-41 to 25-2 - 46. Can anyone help?

Christopher Weymouth


Rita Stadler

Heckerstr. 26 A

34121 Kassel








Dear Sir,

I am a Police/Sheriff Patch Collector.



I collect Police/Sheriff Patch ( K-9 or SWAT or Mounted Posse or Bicycle or Canine or Dispatch) and I would be glad very happy about it if they could send me a exemplar for my collection.




Many greetings and have a crime free day!








Rita Stadler



I lost a large number of photos and notes in a house fire some years ago and now have some difficulty trying to put names to faces but someone out there may be able to do so.
Where ever they are now, I wish them well.

1. Waddington 1967. No 1 Group Tropy Winner.
Myself, AOC and Stn Cdr with Mick Greenaway in the background.
Anybody recognise the real Stars, the winning Handler and his dog?

2. Waddington 1968. Again winners of the No 1 Croup Trophy.
If my memory is correc that is Cpl Hacker 2nd left.
Anyone recognise any other members of the team.

3. Waddington 1967. AOC talking with the Trophy Winner and Mick
Greenaway.Again, my memory fails me.

Best wishes
Paddy Cowap.

8 April 2012
I am trying to track down anyone who knew my brother:
K3520024 Cpl. Michael George Lenton
Joined RAF 1957 was RAFP dogs Ballykelly & Aldergrove
1959 RAF Akrotiri until Jan 1962 possible founder member of SBA Police August 1960.
Back to Finningley and to Kinloss, he did however return to Akrotiri for a 3 month emergency draft in 1964.
I can never remember him talking of Aden or South Arabia.
He died 2006
Take care

I am an ex RAF Policeman, and I wondered if you can help me to obtain a group photo of No.38 BSC at RAF Debden between October and December 1962.

joseph Buttigieg

Morning all,
The golden letter opener bearing RAF Police crest has been donated as a raffle prize at this weeks AGM.
I have never seen one before nor can I find any reference in the Provost parade archives of 'shop sales'
Has anyone got one?
When were they sole?
What was the price.?
I think it is a collectors item but I may be wrong
I have been so disappointed many times on the Antiques Roadshow !!!


My Dad was a member of the Royal Air Force Police (he died 7 years ago). My mother has just given me a copy of his ration card and other information regarding his service. All I know is His no. 2538386, rank cpl name Sydney Eric Epps.
Did anyone know him and can tell me about him and his service?
Thank you
Russell Epps

Hi Chaps,  I have recently experienced trouble with my computer and I have lost some material. I have an article and photograph about the smallest Guardroom ever!!!!! It was near Khota Bahru and included a dog handler, 'Flash' Williams. I really would like to know who the originator is, can anybody assist please,    regards,   MITCH

Seeking information about former RAFP Sgt Brian Leonard Mumford BEM, who died of cancer in 1999. Apart from the UK he served in Egypt, Aden, Cyprus twice, Berlin, Rheindalen, Northern Ireland and S.H.A.P.E. His son thinks he was SIB and was involved in protection work during the Harold Wilson HMS Tiger Rhodesia talks and was perhaps was involved in undercover work against the CND. The citation for his BEM reads:

Sgt Brian Leonard Mumford (4116750) has served in No 3 RAF Police District since December 1960. Since being transferred to his present section, he has been employed on observation duties which have demanded a devotion to duty and an unselfish denial of personal freedom seldom required of an NCO in the RAF.Through his efforts and resourcefulness, he has gained information which at times has been of National interest and often of the highest importance to the RAF. In spite of long hours which have involved considerable travel, he has always managed to submit reports which have resulted in precautions being taken, thus permitting the operational role of  RAF and and NATO bases to continue unimpaired. Sgt Mumford's cheerful willingness to undertake these duties and the skillful and tenacious way in which he has carried them out have earned him the respect of all those aware of his precarious and exacting way of life in the service of the RAF.

Anyone who has any information to share can contact Steve Davies



Iím looking for information about the Police school located in Uccle, Belgium during 1945-1946.

There, Belgian MPs were under the command of the 2nd Tactical Air Force of the British Liberation Army and served in Germany (Celles, Bad-Meinberg and GŁterlŲh) at that time also.

I have some photos, but I am looking for information and archives from British side about that period if still existing.

Iím Christian Wuestenberghs  and Iím still Military Policeman in Belgium (Air Force) in the Military Police Group in Evere (Brussels).


Webmaster comment. I sent this to Steve Davies who provided Christian with photos related to BAAPS but if anyone else has any information please let Christian and Steve know.

I came across your site while looking for information on RAF Tengah, I was wondering if anyone that possibly knew SAC William Alan Loughlin (sometimes mis-spelt as William Allen Laughlin) would mind getting in touch with his family?  We know that he died 17 August 1961 due to a car accident on the Chua Chu Kang Road, Singapore that also killed two others (SAC Robert Trevor Kell & SAC James Sprott).
We'd like to collect memories and photographs so that we may map his life away from home in our family tree.
There are two other articles about it, one dated 24 August 1961
 and 20 September 1961
Kindest regards,
Irene Knight (William's niece)
and a query received from Brendan linking it to our trade:
Hi Steve,  on the Royal Air Force Forum Irene posted a request for information related to her uncle who had died in an accident in Singapore in 1961.  She knew no more than that.  A member of the forum who lives in Singapore was able to obtain these newspaper reports.  As a result Irene has learnt a great deal about how he died and who was involved.  The driver of the vehicle, Peter Baden Beard, was also tracked down by another member of the forum and it was established that he died in 1992.  
Her first enquiry was on the 6th March,  so she has learnt a lot in a short time which is remarkable. As Sgt B J Amery, RAF Police,  was in mentioned I also though that this would be of general interest.  Somebody may know him, or recall the incident.  Just a small part of the rich history of the RAF Police.
Best regards, Brendan  




Bit of a long shot, but does anybody have any information related to this incident in Singapore in 1961. Sgt B J Amery, RAF Police, attended. 
Brendan O'Neill


Just wondering if this could be posted on your website? It is a  request for information on an incident which involved my late father  who served as E4257297 CPL GILBERT 'GRAHAM' FREDERICK BATT, RAFP. He  served from 1960 until 1967 with tours at El Adem, Akrotiri, Steamer  Point & Bishops Court. Whilst at El Adam, a transport aircraft caught  fire and exploded on the runway. This must have been circa 1963.  Apparently there was substantial loss of life - possibly Egyptian  soldiers - and my father was involved in the immediate rescue and  subsequent recovery operation. My mother, who was WRAF at the same  base, believes that my father received a CO's Commendation, along with  other RAFP servicemen.

As my dad passed away suddenly and this story only came to light after  his death, would love to find anyone else who may have recollections  of this incident.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Wishes,

Phil. (A8249542)


Airmen's Mess Christmas Day 1958 RAF Gutersloh menu - anyone recognise any of the signatures?
John Curtis

I represented the RAF Police at Buckingham Palace at the presentation of a new RAF standard when I was at No. 2 Police District sometime between 1964-65.  It was in the summer and I am trying to find out the exact date. Can you help?
Bob Hamilton, RAF Police 1955-67

I am at present restoring an ex-RAF Police Honda ST1100 motorcycle to its original 1995 in-service specification. (Its registration number was DH 82 AA and callsign FT03)
If any member of the RAFPA have information on this actual bike or on the RAF Police bikes in general, particularly memories or experience of their use and perhaps any photos, I would be very pleased to hear from them.
When the restoration is complete, the bike will be shown (under the banner of the Historic Police Motorcycles Group) to raise funds for service charities, in particular the RAFBF, H4H and the RMBF.
Many thanks,
Barry Alexander  ex RM



Strange request I'm afraid. I am looking for my birth father who happened to be a doghandler based in Oxford in 1957. Have only just been given his name as Dennis Heywood  from Rhodesia .Is it possible to find out whether or not he was on board that plane? (The plane referred to is the Beverley that crashed 5th March 1957.  Steve Davies has checked and her father wasn't on it)  Can't  find him on any records at all.
Thank you
Shirley McNicol


I found this in a book on Bawdsey Ferry by Phil Hadwen, ISBN 0-9510559-3-3.

Would like to know the year, the people in the photo and any more info. I was at Bawdsey early
80's, ran the Dog Section so would love to hear the history.

Many thanks

Tom Crowley RAFPA No 2274



I wonder if you can help. I am researching the social history of a well known (notorious) street in Valletta (Malta) called Strait Street. I have been doing this research for some time and something that keeps coming up is policing. Alongside ĎRed Capsí we keep hearing about the RAF Police presence (or Ďsnowdrops). I would like to find out whether the RAF Police Association might have any documentation relating to the policing of Malta and Strait Street (aka The Gut) in particular, and whether I can post a note which any veterans will see, being a call for memories, photos etc etc. I do hope you can help.

Email - or

Dr John Schofield

5 Silver Street


Somerset TA4 2PA

All photos and other original materials can be returned.



Cpl. Jack Louis REVELL, Service Police, No.1180849. 15th. July 1940 - 1st. Aug. 1942.

I am researching my Fathers' service history which ceased upon his death in Jaarmarkt POW camp, Surabaya, Java on 1st. Aug. 1942.
His convoy, WS9A, left the Clyde 3rd June 1941 and arrived in Singapore 5th Aug. 1941. Convoy records show that two ships proceeded from Colombo to Singapore; the "Capetown Castle" and the "Empress of Japan" but not, as far as I can ascertain, which ship carried the RAF Police Draft from Stn. Bridgenorth.
The RAF Museum have informed me of the existence of your Association and I am hoping, at this late date, that you may have a member who may have this piece of information and/or, incredibly, may have been acquainted with my Father.
I would be eternally grateful for any assistance you could give me in this matter. 
John Revell

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Steve Davies had no further information to add to this but Cpl Revell's name has been added to the Roll of Honour

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