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Hi Everybody, any photographs of good quality for reproduction in print form would be welcomed by Mitch for possible inclusion in the 25th Anniversary supplement of the RAFPA.
Obviously there are photos that have appeared in The Griff, 50th Dog Trials and 90th Anniversary of the RAF and RAF Police and they (some or all) could be reproduced again.  However always the optomist I hope there are photos out there that are unique and just waiting to be discovered.
The subjects  include, Remembrance Day Parades, London and the other locations around the UK, stained glass windows at RAF Halton and Southwick Park, any/all of the occasions at the Arboretum,  the Royal Review, 50th UK Dog trials,   Wootten Bassett,   parcels to 'the troops',  Albert Hall Remembrance service,,Branch trips, eg Menin Gate, memorable trips, etc.., AGM's, Branch Standards, photos and dedication details.
All photos must be of RAFPA activities from 1984 onwards, may be colour or B/w.  They can be scanned and sent to me electronically ( at e address in The Griff) or mailed (address in The Griff)and after scanning will be returned to you.
The supplement will be designed to be as accurate as possible and reflect the history of the Association.  You can all assist,  please dig out albums ,check your electronic albums, anything left in your camera not yet developed.  waiting expectantly and hopefully,     Mitch

  Please see below - as Chairman of the RAF Police Golfing Association, I have sent out various emails as our sponsors SiSys have recently withdrawn from sponsoring us (they used to give us 1550 a year but I guess the credit crunch has taken its toll).

 Dave Swaithe has been busy trying to rally some of the ex-RAFP golfers and I've had a couple of offers for the donation of minor prizes, for which I am extremely grateful.

I was discussing our plight with the new PM(RAF) - Gp Capt Whitmell - and he suggested I write to you as Chairman of the RAFPA to see if you could help.  I would be grateful if you could forward this email to your many members of the RAFPA (several of which I presume are RAFPGA golfers anyway?) to see if we could generate either sponsorship of the RAFPGA or indeed any donations.

As the email below indicates, we usually spend around 1200-1500 a year - at the moment we have 400 in the pot and will be playing matches against
the RMP, Misters (ex RAFP) and RAF Regt in the next couple of months.

I would be most grateful for any assistance you could provide and look forward to hearing from you soon.


 Dave Morris
Flt Lt
No 3 (Tactical) Provost Wing
RAF Henlow
Mil 95381 ext 6379

Can anyone give me a bit of advice.
I have found these three car badges from my time at 92MU Faldingworth 1959 - 63
I wonder if they are worth anything.?
If they are how do I dispose of them?
John Curtis 

Dear Webmaster, I'm a former Dog handler having served 1980...1988 One of my tour of duties was at RAF Station Bruggen 1982..1985. During my tour there one of my pals was Nick Mainwaring, he unfortunately  faced some kind of discipline offence and was administrable discharged from the RAF.
Sadly in early 1987 Nick took his own life I never really managed to get to the bottom of what had taken place I would like to seek permission to place a post on your web site asking if any former colleagues recall the circumstances. I realise this is a very sensitive issue and how to word it may be hard. I'm not seeking retribution and there is no hidden agenda. Nick was a dear friend and this has always troubled me.
regards John Potter

Hi Everybody, At the AGM in Torquay one of the items being decided is if we want a special publication to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the RAFPA.  My request is for everyone to please search their attics, cupboards and special little places for photographs and or articles concerning the Association and please send to me, electronically or by 'snail mail'.  If the AGM does not ok the scheme, that's no problem as the photos and articles can be used in The Griff.  Thanks in advance for your time,    Mitch

Afternoon all,
I have been asked by a member if I have any current contact details of the 1998 - 2000 Provost Marshal Air Com Richard  McConnell
I have no details in the archives. There are photos of him in post
Any help would be appreciated.
Archivist to the RAFPA


I am the youngest son Sgt. R. T. Cunningham ( RAFP ) ( Deceased  2004)Debden/Cranwell/Wildenwrath/Waddington..... and I wonder if any of my father's contemporaries were still alive who could contact me and tell me about him and if they had any photograhs.

Terry Cunningham


Next year on Channel 4 there will probably be a documentary on the investigation into the Great Escape murders.  We have identified a few members who can assist the producer as these elderly persons were stationed in the Hamburg area during the relevant period (1946-1949).
Please let me know of any former RAF Police (member or not), who served in that part of Germany soon after the Second World War.  Naturally, before I divulge their telephone number or email address, I first ask their permission.
John Walton

The Norfolk Constabulary Cold Case Investigation Team is investigating a murder of an unidentified and headless body of a female found on 27th August 1974 at Cockley Cley, near Swaffham Norfolk. The original investigation was unable to identify her despite extensive publicity and enquiries during 1974 and 1975.  The body had been found in undergrowth bordering farmland and was wrapped in a large plastic cover with the initials NCR thereon. The investigation failed to locate where this cover came from. The body had been tied up and was wearing a nightdress that had been sold by Marks & Spencer’s around that time period.

The victim would have been aged between 20 - 35 yrs old, between 5’2”tall.

The BBC Crimewatch programme aired in September 2008 publicised this murder and the investigating officer, Det. Insp. Andy Guy appealed for any information about women who went ‘missing’ during that period.

‘Missing’ women has a broader meaning in that it does not solely relate to official reports to the police but includes where any person within the family or as a friend believed that a woman had disappeared and was never seen again by them.

Information has been received concerning the possibility of a ‘missing’ woman who lived at RAF Hemswell during that period. The information stated that wife of a RAF man who was possibly with the RAF police had disappeared and left the husband with the children’. It is believed that this woman was known to have been the local ‘Avon’ representative at that time.

The information also mentioned a possible theft of a NCR cover from the RAF supply unit at RAF Scampton late 1973 - 1974. 

If any former RAF personnel have any knowledge of:

   1.  Any report of a ‘missing’ woman fitting the above details during 1973 - 1974 in the RAF Hemswell married quarters.

   2.  Any report of a theft of office equipment (large NCR cover) as similar in time and location.

Please contact Norfolk Constabulary Cold Case Investigation Team on 01953 424520 or email

The Provost Marshal's staff are researching the history of the RAF Police Band which seemingly existed at RAF Staverton at least in the 1950s and probably before.
At present the RAF Police Museum has only one very tatty photograph of the band.  So the request is for any information and particularly any photographs of the band please to be sent via me.  Naturally, all material will be returned, if that is what the sender wishes.
John Walton


My name is John OLIVER, I served with 84 Squadron from 1955-1957.  I am a member of 84 Squadron Association, however I wish to make contact with squadron people who are NOT association members.
The reason for this request is that I am trying to put names to a Squadron photograph that was taken on the 5th January 1956. Out of a total of 84 names I have managed 60, so if they have a good memory for names or photographs of personnel about that time I would be very interested.
    Thanking you in anticipation.
                                            John OLIVER

As an ex RAFP I was talking today to one of my security officers and it came up in the conversation that his father Christopher McAuliffe served in the RAFP in Germany during the 2nd World War. He returned to his home in Kanturk, Ireland but resided in Braintree, Essex. His father is deceased since December 2000 and it would be interesting if any one remembers him.
Matt O'Donoghue

Chief Security Officer
Kerry General Hospital

I am trying to trace details of my wife's Great Grandfather called John Broom who's profession is listed as Policeman R.A.F on her parents wedding certificate also her Grandmothers residence address at the time of marriage is listed as 9 Halton Camp Wendover where I believe she was stationed with her father John Broom.

The wedding was on the 16th December 1930 at St Marys church Disley (then Chester) between Robert Derbyshire 29 bus driver (on his birthday) and Madge Broom 18 (could be short for Margaret or Madeline),
Her father John Broom wasn't present but she stated her address as 9 Halton Camp Wendover and he was RAF Police, it seems a very long way for a courtship and Madge was supposed to have left him after nine weeks.
I would have imagined her father would have gone ballistic, maybe he caused the split?.
Apart from these details I don't know much more apart from the fact that Robert said he would never divorce her.
I'm looking for any information on the Broom family as it's difficult to trace them as I don't know where they originated from.


What is required are any photos of the last 24 AGM's.   At the Torquay AGM 2009 we propose to display the photo's. as rumour has it 2009 is the 25th anniversary AGM.

Derek Wills

 These photos are part of a research project I am in the middle of. I believe they may be dated from the late forties and in Germany. Could you post these on the site in the hope that someone recognises the Main Camp entrance .It looks like the victims here are Officers so it may well have been an Aircraft accident.There are more pictures in the set which I can send to any person who may want to see them  Any assistance is appreciated in identifying the camp and event.  
Max Espie

I am a serving member of the RAF Police, and I am urgently seeking photographs of RAF Police from RAF St Athan for St Athan’s birthday celebrations.
Many Thanks,
Ewan Howieson
General Police Duties
RAF Police Post
No.7 Sqn, 2 GPW
MOD St Athan
95421 79 7386
Civil 01446 797386


Can anyone out there confirm this chap as RAFP.... Dave Brookman is 90something sure! Surname COLLINS Forenames/Initials James Terence Rank FS Service Royal Air Force Service Number S3524624 Station RAF Akrotiri Place of Birth/Home Town Hartlepool, Co. Durham Date of Birth 15 October 1938 Age 43 Date of Death 08 July 1982 Cemetery Name Military Cemetery Cemetery Address Dhekelia Cyprus

Steve Davies

My father(HORACE WILLIAM HART(BILL) (NO.499369 - CPL)died last year he served in   the     R.A.F POLICE  the Suez , around 1955. He was to my knowledge based in EL-FIRDAN. I have also traced him to RAF WADDINGTON in 1957 and MACMERRY in 1953.
  I would love to find someone who maybe he  served with and knew him.

     Dave Hart

Hello One and All. My first input from our new home in France. Still reading with interest the many posts here and recognise the odd name here and there. I have a favour to ask members;  the d,acien combatants (Old Soldiers) here in our hamlet are having a small fete early July and I am trying to get hold of some RAF gizzits to help their day. The type of thing I am looking for is little badges, keyrings, aircraft prints,etc and I am very happy to pay any postage costs. Can anyone offer any assistance or advise where I can ask. I realise time is of the essence.
Best Wishes

John Reid

Hello Tony

Well we had a good day yesterday and even the dreaded weather held for it. At the lunch there were about 100, mainly older people and we handed out badges and the keyrings to various people who thought it was a lovely gesture. Even the local mayor got a keyring and badge and was chuffed to bits. There was a heavy involvement in the resistance during the war in this area and I met a man, Marcel, who is 89 years old and the standard bearer for the local d, acien combatants who was actually executed by the nazis about 6kms from our hamlet. He and 2 others were captured and shot and left for dead, however, despite having been shot in the head and face , he survived - what a guy. He carries the standard with such pride it is quite humbling.

All in all a lovely day and a great opportunity to practice my bad french and thank you very much for the support of the RAFPA and yourself.

With Best Wishes

John Reid

My father, Charles Samual Elsey, died in 1942 whilst serving in the RAF Police and I was 2 years old. He was killed accidentally in the barracks by another servicerman. How do I find details of the incident please?
Brian Charles Elsey
I have forwarded this to Steve Davies but can anyone else help? Webmaster
From Steve Davies:
This is the oldest casualty to date and his son Brian has been put in touch with the RAF Records Office Cranwell to obtain a copy of his father's service record and any medal outstanding. I know its a long shot but if anyone knew his dad please get in touch. 18-Aug-1942 Corporal Charles Samual Elsey (929549) 29, RAF Sheerness, UK. Cpl Elsey was accidentally shot in the barracks on 09-Aug-1942 by a colleague who was fooling around with a loaded revolver. The bullet entered his shoulder and penetrated his spine paralysing him. He died in County Hospital, Minster Kent (according to a letter from the Records Office dated 21-Aug-1942 although his death certificate says he died in Hurstwood Hospital, Haywards Heath)

RAF Police Roll of Honour

I am currently assisting the Provost Marshal and Brian Whittaker to compile a full list of RAFP who have been killed in action or have died whilst in service. It is for the RAF Police Memorial Book of Remembrance maintained in the chapel at Southwick Park. Steve Cattell has very kindly posted the latest Roll of Honour on the website but we know it is not complete by a long mark. Sadly, RAF Records do not keep a record of RAFP casualties and so are unable to produce the full list. If any of you know of some-one who should be included and isn't on the list then please contact me and I will see if we can confirm the details before adding the name. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated by me, the RAF Police and the families of those who should be included on the list.

My Best Regards ........... Steve (Davies)

Does anyone remember this tie tac and reason for its distribution?
Ian Clingan

During my continuing trawl through the internet for anything historical connected with the RAF Police, I recently came across a snippet of information regarding the RAF Police at RAF Akrotiri being placed on standby sometime in 1959 to deal with a mutiny and riot involving members of No 194 (Field) RAF Regiment Squadron at their tented barracks within the French Camp area. Strangely, it seems that all trace of this incident has been erased from the records and the squadron, which formed in 1952, was disbanded in 1960. To assist with my ongoing history of the RAF Police during its first 100 years, I would like to hear from anyone who can tell me more about this incident. I have e-mailed the web master on the RAF Regiment website and await any response although I doubt it will be positive because I understand that the incident may well have caused extreme embarrassment at the time to the RAF and the RAF Regiment.

Once again, if anyone can help then please contact me via my e-mail address   

Many thanks in anticipation.

Best Regards ........... Steve (Davies)

I am trying to compile the book of remembrance for RAF Police killed or died while in service. 
This will include those killed in action but also deaths by traffic and other accidents.
If members could help with a name or two or a year or place where the incidents occurred I can contact MOD and get full details.
There was a RAF Police Sergeant killed while on patrol at RAF Wildenrath during the time that Sgt Keith Sturdy served there (late 60s or early 70s).. Does anyone recall the name and/or year ?
Sergeant Don Ogden was killed in a T/A in Cyprus in 1962, his name appears on the National Memorial at Alrewas. Another NCO was killed in the same accident. Can anyone recall his name ?
A RAF Police Sergeant from RAF Akrotiri was shot by Greek criminals at or near Limassol in 1955/56. Name and year required please. This was not an EOKA killing.
Any help greatly appreciated.  
Regards ..... Brian


At the end of May begining of June there will be a large contingent of former members of the US Air Force will be visiting the area of former RAF Burtonwood, near Warrington, Cheshire. Amongst the group are expected to be one or two ex US Air Police who served at Burtonwood in the 1950's. Is there anyone out there who may have had contact with the US Air Police and would like to attend any social functions that may be organised, or just get in touch.
One of the places they will be visiting is the Cheshire Police Museum at Warrington. The curator of the museum asks if anyone has any 1950's -60's RAF Police items of uniform that could be loaned to the museum. The museum has on display US Air Police cold weather uniforms and other items. Also some documents and photos concerning the RAF Police at RAF Burtonwood, but no uniform. We could always get something off ebay if desperate
The curator of the museum is Pete Wroe -  01925 234614. Or contact myself as I now help out at the museum on Friday mornings. 
Paul Carruthers

Dear All,
Does anyone out there know anyone who was at the RAF Police School, at RAF Uxbridge in 1943.
Albert Edward (Blondie) Carroll, was on Course 296 and his widow would love to meet someone who knew her husband.
John Walton

I've no right to ask on my own behalf but this is for the parents of a former RAFP QPD, now deceased. One, Ralph Major (c 1977-1983?).
Ralph and I were great mates (I was best man at his wedding) at Waddington in 77,78 and kept in touch when we eventually left the service, until his early demise, from septicaemia, at the age of 35 in 1992.
His parents are visiting the North (from the wilds of East Sussex), next weekend (24th & 25th Nov 2007). They are visiting Holmfirth and I'd like to show them some Northern hospitality.
Can any member, please, let me know of a "good" inn, restaurant or pub, where we can expect the best, please?
My email address is 
Very many thanks for any help.
Kind regards.
Nigel Cox
(Cpl QPD 1974 -1981 - Wittering, Masirah, Salalah, Honnington, Depot/Newton (Demo), Waddington & Aldergrove)

Could someone advise where one can get proof of a qualification Q.P.D. As an ex RAF Police dog handler I have never been able to ascertain where or if such qualification could be proved. I am unaware that I ever received such despite qualifying and serving as a dog handler. Can anyone help?

Steve Comley 

I have just found in my attic some old films which I must have taken when I was at the RAFP Depot Debden in 1962...

I have tried to view these but have not the ability to do it.. but looking at the films (with a magnifying glass) it would appear that it was the station sports day and there are several things happening -- like tug of war --discus - running and jumping.. plus shots of the "square" and the main gate -- with an aircraft standing out side..

from the date on the box it was 1st August 1962 -- and I was in 26 B.S.C. No 1 Squadron...

There are four films in total and others have pics of RAF Newton (when it was a rocket school) same year -- and I think of my wedding and RAF Wildenrath

If any one knows what I can do with these -- or may want them for historical interest -- drop me a line..

I have no real idea of the quality as they are over 45 years old !!! like me !!!


Sep 2007 - Jan Smith  - – is trying to find out details of her later father’s wartime service in the RAF Police. Her father was  PETER HADLEY  Service No 1250180 (although RAF Records Office say this number was allocated to some-one else). Born 15-7-1921. Former Occupation Butcher. Served between 1940 and 1946 in UK and BAFO as Station Policeman, reaching A/Sergeant rank on demob from RAF Staverton.


 I am looking for an RAF uniform 34 waist 40/42 chest
can anybody help?
Nobby Clark 54 to 77

I wonder if you or your collegues can help me?
I am getting together a representation uniform to display at a few living history displays, and I was wondering what the uniform entails circa 1985?
I would like details of webbing used if possible, ie is it the same as the Army cefo order?
Any help would be ok, even if it is just a small bit of info,
Hope you can help me.

Mark Davies ex Adult Warrent Officer 235 (1st City of Stoke on Trent)Sqn ATC

I am looking for some information about my uncle George Rideout. He was a RAF policeman stationed in Malaya during the emergency. Uncle George was also a boxing Champ.

Robert Rideout

Can anyone out there supply me with images of RAF Police minis from the late 1960s through to the 1970s to help out a friend and mini enthusiast...... Many thanks. Web size preferred and please send direct to me at
Best Regards...... Steve (Davies)


Dear All,
If anyone out there would like to send a message to our lads overseas, please do so.  I only have one email address (for now).  Flight Sergeant Bill Veazey (he who guides us at the Cenotaph) is in Afganistan for 6 months and would like to hear from any of us who march (or not).  His address is
He sends his best wishes to all his marching colleagues.

I need a little help in one of my current tasks.
It relates to artists who have  had their cartoons published in the Provost Parades 
I have found a number  that I would love to know who they were.
The nine various artist names I have come up with  include
1956  -   Clayton - Ben - Eric
1959  -   Corr - Hall
1962 -    Rolf - Jordon 
1963 -    Nealon  - Geoff
If anyone knows a little about any of the artists please contact me on my home email

One other thing.
Someone asked me last year if I could find an entry in the old PP's  about an article entitled  'Alliteration' 
Well in the Spring 1964 PP, on page 38 there is the article by Peter Dixon.
Every word in the long story starts with the letter 'A'
If that person let me know their email address  I will forward it.
Regards to all
John Curtis (RAFPA Archivist)
(Coordinator of Regional Association Publications)

It was sent to Pete Wroe who runs the Cheshire Police Museum. The photo is from a US Air Policeman who was stationed at RAF Burtonwood, Warrington, during the 1950's. It was supposed to be taken at Burtonwood, but we can't be 100% on that.  

Paul Carruthers

For inclusion in the RAFP Archives I have been given a 16mm film of the 1975 RAF police dog trials.
It is a loose rolled film (not on a spool)
I have no idea how to store it.
Is there any way I can get it converted to a more usable format
(at no cost to the Association!!) 
Thanks in anticipation

I run a living history group, we portray the wartime Regt and RAFP, I`m just looking for wartime pictures to make sure our kit is spot on. Can anyone help??
Matthew Wagg 

I was a National Serviceman between 1956 -1958 and underwent basic recruit training at RAF Bridgnorth. At the end of  basic training the flight I was in were awarded the Station Drill Cup for  proficiency at drill. I cannot recall seeing this trophy, and neither do I have a photograph of it, but  after each competition  it rerverted to the display cabinet near the main Guardroom .
For some time I have been trying to trace its current resting place and I have had various pieces of advice on where  to enquire. The latest comes after an appeal made in the Bridgnorth Journal with a telephone call suggesting that the RAF Regiment could be a useful source of information. Whilst not wishing to ignore this idea,  my belief is that the Police may have been accountable for the disposal of trophies and awards.
The campsite was auctioned off by a Bridgnorth firm who assure me that they did not have the disposal of silverware in their brief, just buildings and land.. I should be very grateful for your comments on this search which is now becoming a bit of an obsession. Sincerely Peter Williams

The attached photograph has been sent to me for inclusion in the RAFPA Archives.
Can anyone fill in the Three missing names.
Thanks in anticipation.
No 54 C.I.Course @ RAF Debden in 1972

Mike Davis has identified himself as one of the missing names

Does anyone know how I might contact former Flight Sergeant David Asbridge who was the SNCO in charge of the RAF Police at RAF Port Stanley between November 1982 and March 1983?
I am also trying to trace the whereabouts of Bryan Clark, who was in charge of the RAF SIB ? in Germany in 1977, and is the author of a book called '619 Squadron' published by . If you recall (RAFPA Members) some time back Bernie Condon (Son of the late WO Jim Condon) was trying to find out about his father's RAF career. At the time there was mention of Jim attending the discovered wreckage in Germany of a RAF bomber. Well apparently Jim and Bryan Clark investigated the circumstances together and Bryan later discovered that the bomber belonged to 619 Sqn which after the war just seemed to disappear from the records overnight!
Again any help would be greatly appreciated..... Steve Davies

Although I have graphic accounts from Akrotiri, Episkopi and Polimedhia of what took place from a RAF Police point of view during the Cyprus Emergency 1974 (Turkish invasion) (July / August), I would very much like to hear from anyone who was stationed at Troodos, Famagusta, Nicosia, Larnaca or anywhere else in or outside the ESBA at the time.

Also, just a reminder; I am now preparing my next book (No 4) "RAF Police Operations Cape Town to Kabul" with a view to sending it to the publishers in the New Year for release in the autumn of 2007. Should anyone have a story to tell me of your time in Africa, Malta, Cyprus, the Middle East & Persian Gulf, Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan (and all points within) then now is the time to let me know so that you can be included in next years book.............. So, don't be shy, give me a call or send me a message!


Many thanks once again in anticipation of your continued support.

Steve Davies

Hi, there, I wonder if anyone can help me. A friend of mine had her car written off by a lorry that turned left while she was along side it. The  lorry did not use any indicarors. She was informed by police that indicators are NOT required when turning and that they are only used as a courtesy measure. That's NOT the way we were taught to drive !! Can anyone give me any information regarding this and let me know which section of the road traffic act is applicable ?


I checked the higway code and it seems that indicators are needed, but here is where it puzzles me,

the truck was leaving a building site where my friends hubby works, so no lanes, she came up on his left and waited for him to go so she could get out, but he carved her and dragged her down the road, to me it seems like driving without due care and attention at the least, but the response from merseyside police left me gobsmacked, so I'd ask any of our members who knows to contact me and try and get this lady out of her problems, she's been told that she might be liable for the RTA cheers Jim.

Many thanks, Jim Clark



A Study of Internet Fraud Against Home Users in the UK

Dear All,

As part of my MSc dissertation with the University of Leicester I am carrying out a research project on a study of internet fraud against home users in the UK.

Internet fraud refers to any type of fraud scheme that uses email, websites, chatrooms or message boards to present fraudulent solicitations to prospective victims. Common internet fraud schemes include: Credit/Debit Card Fraud; Identity Theft; Non-delivery of Goods/Services; Online Auction/Retail and Phishing (a technique whereby a criminal pretends to be someone else’s email or web site. The criminals attempt to fool the victim into divulging sensitive information, such as passwords, credit card and bank account numbers).

If you have experienced any Internet Fraud incidents, or if you have experienced any unsuccessful attempts at Internet Fraud please take the time to take part in my online survey. The link to my questionnaire is:

If you know anybody who may have been the victim or attempted victim of Internet Fraud please pass on this email to them and invite them to take part. At present there is little information on the level of fraud and technology crime in the UK, your participation could make a difference.

All responses will be treated with confidence and at all times data will be presented in such a way that individual identities cannot be connected with specific published data.

If you would like more details before you complete the survey, or details of how you can verify the validity of my research with Leicester University, please email me at: or

Many thanks,

Keith Mair (member)





Recently whilst responding to a burglar alarm activation at one of my clients properties I met with one of our young ( well they all look young nowadays !)local police officers. During the 20 min or so chat we had after checking the house I learned that he started a police badge collection a couple of years ago and he asked if I had any spare ones I could give him. I went through my meager collection and yesterday handed over what I had and he was extremely grateful. I have been wondering if any members could help further his collection with 1 or 2 spare badges they may have. If anyone can assist please contact me off group for my address and I will personally refund any postage costs if required.

Many thanks and regards to all

John Reid


Hello Friends!

My name is Fredrik Cronqvist and i live in Sweden. Im collecting patches from Police,Fire & Rescue, SWAT, K-9 and Sheriff Departments all over the World.

So, i wonder if you have some patches i can get from your service??

You can see my collection of patches on my webpage:

I thank you very much!


Kindest regards

Fredrik Cronqvist

Spangavagen 15

S-286 72 Asljunga



I am searching for some old copies of the Provost Parades.

Since the first copy of the magazine ' Provost Parade' was published in 1947, to date, there have been 215 issues.

I have managed to obtain 210 copies for the archives.

I am most grateful to all who have donated copies including the three hard bound copies from the 1949 - 51 period.I recently received

However to complete the set of Provost Parades I am searching for the 5 missing copies from 1949.

The missing issues are January to May (inc) 1949 Volume 2 / Issues 2 - 6 inc.

If any member holds all,or any, of the missing copies can I please borrow them to copy for the archives, or better still have the originals to retain.

John Curtis


Reg Bagnall is my dad, he served his National Service from 1957 to 59 in the RAF Police, I know one of the places he was stationed was Portland.  I am trying to find any of his colleagues who remember him, one name I remember is Tony Duke.  We are arranging a surprise 70th birthday party for him in June and would love to either have some special guests or if not some photos or messages for him.


Thanks very much - and once the party is done I will tell my dad about this website and get him to join. I promise!!



Can anyone give me some info on this tankard I bought it at a car boot sale in Suffolk, made by HOLKHAM. RAF Police Crest on one side dog doing hoops on the otherside. Possibly for a Demonstration Team Presentation ? Holds just over 1 pint.
Stewart   click on thumbnail for full sized picture

Can anyone help out with information on this matter on behalf of Bernie Condon the son of late Warrant Officer Jim Condon RAFP: All replies can be filtered through me; Steve Davies


Bernie's message to me:


Steve thanks for putting the message seeking information about my father on the RAFPA web site, I've had some response, including a few things that helped me understand a 'family mystery'! However one thing I was reminded of was Dad investigated the finding of a WW2 bomber while he was stationed at Gutersloh. I remember it, as I was off school at the time, and went to the scene with him. It turned out to be a RCAF Lanc (I think it was a Lanc anyway). There were remains of the crew found in the wreckage and I understand that this meant the remains could be returned to the families. I am intrigued by the above, and would like to find out more. However, I seem to have come up against a brick wall. I contacted P&SS UK, but they don't seem to have any idea where the files from RAFG went. I tried the Canadian Armed forces, who were not helpful. Any ideas where to try next? All I can recall was the wreckage was uncovered in about 1977, in Hannover. Not much to go on I realise! Regards ...... Bernie Condon.




As a result of the article I had a call from Keith Self trying to get a copy of the photograph of the 40 RAFP who were on the Coronation Parade .

He was one of them but did not get a copy.

I have forwarded him this photograph.

It has raised a few questions,

Who was missing from the photograph.

Was he from 5 District???

Why are they not wearing RAFP armbands

Why is the cross strap supporting the ammo pouch and not the weapon.

They are not wearing whistle chains or lanyards?

Anyone any ideas ?



I have now got the Harley up and running and with the correct,(as far as I know), logo's etc. in place. it is mot'd and road taxed, ( free, as a Historic Vehicle,) but has to have an MOT, of course. I am now looking for a period uniform etc. to complement it, and, hopefully, wear at future outings, i.e. Rallies, shows, charity do's etc. so if any of you have any of the following bits, or know where perhaps they may be obtained, I would be glad to hear from you, I am willing to pay your price for anything that you have to offer, plus, I will throw in a copy of my book of my 30 years in the RAF,(1938 - 1968). Fortunately I am still quite fit and able to ride it OK, although it takes me a little bit longer to get my leg over these day's, but we won't go into that. What I am looking for is:- Battle Dress Blouse, size 42 chest, RAF motorcyclist's Riding Breeches, 38 inch waist, Pair of white sea boot socks, ( I already have the Dispatch Rider Boots), The white webbing comprising of Belt, Cross Strap, Holster and Ammo pouch, Sgts Stripes, 2 Crowns, (Kings If possible), and the pudding basin type helmet, Blue RAF shirt size 16. So please have a look through your wardrobes fella's, have been looking through E-Bay, but no luck there so far, thanks a lot. Frank on picture for full size


I'm a writer trying trace anybody who served in the RAF Police with Geoffrey Ellerker (from Leeds) between January 1952-4 in connection with a book on policing and crime in Leeds in the late 1960s

This is the only information I have unfortunately

Please contact me on

This might sound as a bizare request,but would help in tracing,my possible father and mother!!

I`m afraid all I have is a bit vague as to details,so thought posting a message on you site might reveal something,or someone who might know something.

From what I am lead to believe,my father was an air traffic controller,I presume somewhere round the London area,as I was adopted in Croydon,and my mother was invloved in personnel at,as far as I know,the same place.

All I have is the name Morrison,,I have no idea of rank,or whether it was his name,or her name,,,he was Irish,and she was a Scot. This was round the late 50`s,as I was born in 1960,,,,,,so if anyone has

memories going back that far,,,,,,,,,,I don`t!!!,,,,,,please contact me,if you know anything.


Dave Sneyd


Urgent assistance Requested ------ The RAF Police are currently in the process of commissioning a painting from the artist Mick Ewins depicting the RAF Police at work around the world since the beginning in 1918. Thanks to the RAF Police project co-ordinator Sergeant Mick Davies (HQ 2 Gp ATSy Brize Norton Ext 5261) I have seen a draft sketch of the painting and it is remarkable even in its raw state; the finished item should be a most impressive tribute to the RAF Police (including kennel-maids and RAF Police Auxiliaries) and the duties they have conducted.


Mike Davies has been trying to obtain/borrow a good quality photograph showing the front of the RAF Police 'Blue Lantern Club' at RAF Aldergrove so that it may be included in the painting. Therefore if any member has just an item then you please scan a copy to Mike Davies at his e-mail address: or if you are unable to scan it then just let him know and he will arrange to have it copied and returned to you.



My Father, William J. Sutton posted a note on your guest book in 1999.

Comments: 1946-1955 RAFP(D) Staverton, Beaulieu, Singapore Changi and Seletar and points north, and then 4 District Inspectorate. I would like a contact with anyone and specially the first Display Teams, Royal Tournament, & Royal Welsh Shows. 3236 Senior Instructor Dog Mick might jog a memory. Teams at Royal Tournaments and Royal Welsh Shows. There must be some of you still alive and kicking.

My father passed away in Feb 2004 (born 1928) and after a chance meeting with someone in Singapore I am trying to get funding from the lottery to make a documentary about his life and involvment with RAF dog handling.

If you can assist in introducing me to anyone still "alive and kicking" as he put it... I would greatly appreciate it.

Kind regards,

Andrew Sutton





My name's Bernie Condon, My father, Jim retired as a WO RAF Policeman. Sadly he died some time ago. You mention on the RAFPA site that you have a large database regarding the RAFP. I was wondering if you had any info on my dad? If so it would be appreciated.

If it helps, he was at the following stations:


1961, Cyprus.

1963-1966 Northolt

1966-67 Aden

1967 - 1970 Acton

1970-1973 Episkopi

73-75 Honnington

75-78 P&SS Gutersloh

78-81 Rudloe

81-82 Newton

82-84 Rudloe


Mostly he was SI & CI in P&SS units


Regards ...... Bernie Condon

My father served in the canal zone, but unfortunately died 15 years ago. None of the family survive from his time in Egypt, so I am struggling to find the information I need to apply for this GSM on behalf of my mother.

All I can give you is the following

Kenneth Davis
b April 1929
RAF Military Police
I think he was a Corporal
He joined up rather than doing National Service, and he did the Kings Year which I am certain was served in Egypt
I don't know his army service number or squadron, and am uncertain of dates enlisted and discharged, but would have joined up in the Rotherham/Sheffield area. I also think he did his basic training in UK over an extremely cold winter, possibly in Bedfordshire (?). He may have been discharged from Doncaster area.

I remember stories mentioning Ismailia and the sweet water canal and I think he was there early days with the evacuation of British nationals. He came home on a troop ship and I think he was supposed to be posted out to Burma from UK, but his discharge date prevented that happening.

Could this info be used on your website to try and locate someone who knew him and could help me more ?
Does any of the above tie any dates down regarding his service period. Is there anywhere I could try to get the information I am looking for

Many thanks if you can help. Please use as a reply address if you require rather than my work baa email

Steve Davis (Webmaster's note - not OUR Steve Davies)


During the evening of the 19th September 1957, three RAF Police NCOs, Flight Sergeant J W S Child, Corporal C S Middleton and Corporal D L Waterman were on duty at RAF West Raynham in Norfolk, when they witnessed an American B-45 tornado jet bomber crash on the outskirts of the station. They immediately responded to the incident and were on the scene very quickly. The aircraft however, was already a raging inferno with thousands of gallons of burning aviation fuel pouring out all over the place. The intense heat was causing the aircraft's ammunition to explode around them, making conditions extremely perilous. However, with little regard for their own safety and with no protective clothing at hand, they continued their rescue bid and managed to get to the cockpit where they successfully brought the crew out. Their gallant efforts were only just in time because as soon as the crew had been removed the cockpit and the armed ejection seats erupted in flames. The successful rescue had been achieved by the prompt and gallant action of all three RAF Police NCOs that night and had they not been there, the crew would certainly have died in the flames. The three NCOs were commended for their bravery and Colonel J G Glover Commander of the USAF 47th Tactical Bombardment Wing wrote personally to thank each man and to the Provost Marshal expressing his gratitude for their swift actions and their courage.


My question is simply this: Did these 3 NCOs only receive a commendation - if so, what type? or did they receive any gallantry award? Any help on this one would be most appreciated and if anyone is in contact with the 3 former NCOs I would very much welcome an introduction to hear their story of events.

Steve Davies


I am trying to find out information, on behalf of the widow, with regards to Sgt Micheal Greely.  Micheal was in the RAF at the time of his death (1966).  He is pictured here.  Could you enter the photos on to your site and request your members to scour the vast archive of memory that they have and see if anyone has any information, stories, photographs of Micheal.





FS Rob Park


RAF Police

Course Design Team





(Defence College of Police and Pers Admin)


I'm attempting to research my late father's RAF history and have his Service & Release book, his RAFP armband, and a bag of old photographs from 1946 to 1947 when he was serving in Iraq (Habbaniya). His name was Derrick Taylor (Cpl) and he came from Leicester.  On the reverse of the photo's there are a number of names - Freddie Bancroft, Paddy Hart, Norman Barras, Tommy Cole, Reg Wales. Tich Sheedy, Charlie Ormond, Jock Douglas, Don Burnett - are a few of them.

I'd be grateful for any assistance and would of course, provide copies of the photo's I have if anyone recognises the names above as a member of their own family.  I can be contacted on .




Mark Taylor

I was a humble SAC Air Wireless Mechanic at Biggin Hill (600 Squadron) in 1950-52 and am looking for anyone who might like to contribute to my memoirs on, where I have already referred to my 'friendship' with one RAF Police Sergeant in the matter of the Bisley Rifle Championships and a Christmas Tree!


Seriously though, memories are dear, and would really like to meet up again with him or anyone who served in the guard room (or elsewhere) at that time.  We did not exactly think of them as best friends, but . . .


2461367 SAC Loosley, A.

I am trying to find out if anyone still has an intact bottle of the Provost Marshals Special reserve whiskey produced by the RAF Kinloss Police flight in the mid eighties.


Keith Blackman


I came across the RAF Police Association website today and was wondering if any of your members served with my Grandad, W.O Cliff Annear, at various UK airfields, mostly in the South West, during WWII.

My grandad passed away nearly 30 years ago now, and unfortunately we don't know much about his exploits but I'm hoping there will be some of his oppo's around who do.

I still have his memorabilia, including kit bag and copies of the Kings Regs.

Particularly interested to hear if anyone knows what he did to be awarded an Oak Leaf, as apparently the records were lost in a fire. Could it have been anything to do with his going out on Sunderlands?

Charlie Annear

Greetings from New Zealand

My friend Allan Newlands is trying to trace details of his sister Muriel's death in Hong kong circa 1955-1957.She was married to an RAF Sergeant, named John Carmichael who was stationed in Hong Kong during that period. Only other info so far is that he was a general duties NCO rather than a specialist signalman.

Can you provide any information or point me to a possible source please ?

Have secured a photo(attached) of John and Muriel Carmichaeland another couple taken at a tennis game in Hong Kong in 1955

click on the picture for a larger version

Does this trigger any memories for someone?

Thank you

Colin Patmore









Two helps here that I am not sure we can do much with but let's try please - Webmaster


hi,my name is larissa brown and i am trying to track down a man called tony who was in the army visiting raf driffield in june/july 1985.hopefully anyone can help me.thank you

any memories of my mother, Peggy Raby, WRAF, a plotter, trained at RAF Stanmore, Ceylon and Hong Kong, in WW2....also her brother Peter Raby, in the army in Italy, 8th army, WW2.  Sally Beaver


Hi Everyone, I am trying to contact anyone who has photo's from the RAF in West Malling,Kent about1947/52.  My father Jack Hitchens was in the police there and I am looking for anyone who was there when I was a kid. My mother ran a club for toddlers and although I have been in touch with The Kent Messenger, I can't get more information about that time. Can anyone help me.Take care. Liz

My name is Tom Winter jr.
My father was Sqn.Ldr. Tom Winter, one of the original "Provost Parade" team.
My mother, Cynthia Winter who now lives in Somerset West RSA, was the initiator of the magazine.
There are no copies left in our "family attic" as my father gave his collection to the RAFP museum many years ago.

I am compiling a free-form autobio/family history book, am very keen to include certain cartoons which appeared in Provost Parade and I would really appreciate your pointing me in the right direction re: obtaining copies of the issues in question or - just as good - print quality scans of the cartoons.

The first cartoon was in an issue which appeared in 1949 (after February). It shows my father holding a howling infant (me) and saying "If you don't pipe down I'll post you" (or words to that effect) I don't know who the artist was.

The others are cartoons which I drew when I was about ten years old, when we were stationed at RAF Finningley.
One was in response to the Parade's first ever Dog Pin-up. It shows a dog writing to the "editur", asking him to "keep the pin-up".
The other I'm not sure about (I drew a lot of cartoons when I was ten) but I think it showed a dog handler
guarding a Vulcan and explaining the presence of his wife with her poodle to an irate officer "But Sir, I help her with the housework" or something like that.

I used to enjoy reading Provost Parade when I was a kid. I remember being "disappointed" when the originalsmall format with plain cover and Gryphon badge was changed for the photo-cover format!

Tempis fugit something awful, so I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you very much indeed for your attention!

Yours sincerely,
Tom Winter jr.
(in Hamburg)



I am an ex-civvy police officer and collector of code and cipher equipment.

In a bundle of things I received recently (from New York of all places) was
an RAF Police note book for the period Nov 1942 to Feb 1943.

It is a fascinating read, the regular duties of an RAF Cpl in central London
and concentrating on Railway stations.

Anyway, it seems to be becoming a research exercise. So ...

I would like to know whether 1545077 Cpl S.A. Chatt is still around and, if
so, where he might be contacted.  Maybe someone out there knew him?

Its a long shot but you never know!


John Alexander

Can you help John Curtis?

am editing the life story of Bill Barrass for his widow Jackie.

As it will be a book for her distribution to her family I want to get as many facts right as I can.

Bill did not identify the people on these two photographs

1. SI Course at Debden Jan 1969.


  a.Who is standing between Alf Newsham and Bill on the back row

  b. Who is sitting between Mike Hall and John Park on the front row

  c.Who is sat in front of Mike Cattigan  and next to Andy Chalmers.

2.On the reverse of this picture is written 'basic' but I know it could not have been.

Bill did his basic training in 1961 and people like Bill Fitzpatrick and Bob Pimborough are on it.

It must have been a refresher or advanced course of some kind.

Can you identify any of the people. I can see Spike Window in the background.


I have been going through quite a few web sites about the RAF because I am trying to find out if anyone can remember my grandfather William (Bill) Dronfield. He was at RAF Norton in Sheffield and The RAF Police 1942 -1945. He was also and entertainer and was well known for saying monologues.His nickname was SAM because of the monologues about Sam Small. He was a lovely man unfortunately he was only in his early 50's when he died.

My father, Kenneth was showing me my grandad's autograph book for the first time ( and I'm nearly 50!) it was so interesting as it was signed by all his friends in the airforce.They all mention his kindness and his love for entertaining and this prompted me to try and find anyone or anyone who knew someone who knew my grandad.

I would be most grateful for any info


Tricia Wragg




I have just turned up a certificate we received in 1945 and awarded to our alsatian dog "For Loyal and Faithful Service 1939-1945". Our dog, Michael, was loaned by us during the war to act as a RAF Police Patrol Dog, registration N 3066

and was returned to us at the end of it. Is it still possible to trace the records of his service (location, handler(s), notable

events etc.) ?

Barrie Wilson



Webmaster's note:  I passed this on to the oracle, Steve Davies, who has advised Barrie to contact the Commanding Officer (at the Defence Animal Centre, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, England) to see if the wartime records are still there. Unfortunately, no-one has ever come back to him to say 'yes' or 'no'. Apparently the Police School and the Public Records Office in Kew do not hold these records and he suspects they may well have been destroyed years ago.  Unless someone has them under his or her bed!!!!

Sid (Taff) Denning  My dad served from 1939 to 1976 or therabouts, through all the good old days of, Singapore, Germany, Gib, Thailand and so on...Sadly passed on some time now but I'm keen in my middle years to try and piece together his life and times. Bit late now perhaps, but anybody remember him?  Mike

I received a phone call today from George Clapperton about a book he is writing. He asked me if I could contribute to it in any way from an ex kennelmaids point of view. Apart from supplying him with photo's, I also said I would post a wee note here to requesting any ex dog-handlers to get in touch with George or e-mail me personally and I will pass any details they need to get in touch with George. He told me he has wrote to a lot of people already (Jim Henry being one of them) but hasn't got much so far from kennelmaids. I was a kennelmaid from 1979 to 1986 and served at, apart from Newton, P & S.S. Rheindahlen up to my discharge. If anyone can contribute towards George's book it would be very much appreciated.

Finally, are there any kennelmaids in this group apart from me??  Take care - Liz Rush (nee Waugh)


I am Heinz from Germany and living in the neighbourhood to the former RAF Station Geilenkirchen ( 1953 - 1968 ) now being home to NATO Awacs.
Since my childhood I am very interested in history of that station and please apologize my unusual request.
I am looking for photos showing the airfield, buildings, aircrafts and the gate guardians and for the two station crests which changed sometime before 1960. Naturally Ill pay for the costs of the copy prints and p&p.

Thanks in advance
Heinz Jansen

If you can help with some doggie questions like do the marines use dogs and if you have any doggie pictures - please click on the link here to go the the doggie page for then full story

During a successful Hants & Dorset Branch visit to the RAF Museum, one of our number commented on the fact that the effigy of a RAF Police Dog Handler was wearing full whites - a somewhat unusual sight !  Following that I received the enclosed message from the Museum, which I pass on to you, in case anybody is able to assist.