iPhone/iPad scam: How to get rid of the error that could cost you 50

Originally causing problems in America, the scam is now affecting Apple's UK customer base requesting that the phones owner call a number (0800 652 4895) and pays for a fix, or risk having their details stolen.

Customers who use the Safari internet app are faced with an error message saying 'Warning iOS Crash Report' giving a number to ring and solve the problem.

Browsers on Apple support forums were detailing their experiences of calling the number, where they are then asked for a credit card number to make a payment to fix the issue.

How can I solve the problem?

Go into your phone settings and select Airplane Mode and then go into your Safari settings. Once in there, clear your browsing data and history. Restart Safari and the you shouldn't be able to see the pop-up anymore. If it has gone, take your phone back out of Airplane Mode and use the phone as normal.