BPC RAF Debden Mid 1974. Course instructor was newly promoted Sgt John Clements. 3 extra parades for having Blanco on the inside of my belt!! Very sloppy on my part, I miss John who guided me for many years. Only 2 left of this course today (Sep 09) WO Nige Parker MBE & WO Ian Clarke MBE, I am sure John had a part to play in that.

Back Row:  Womble? / Ian Clarke / Steve Hall / Vince Glover / Wally Prouton / Hovis Brown
Middle:  Paul Stevens / Pete Flood / Taff Jones / Abott / Dick Haig / Nige Parker / Mick Hartshorne
Front:  Roger Mills / Martin Carey / Bob / Nigerian RAFP / Flt Lt Alsopp / Sgt John Clements / Nigerian RAFP / Joey Toner / Burgess

The line up is:

Cpl Ian Clarke / Sgt Nick Tyler / Cpl Pete Thomas / Sgt Ian Brown / FS Keith Ryan / Cpl Katrina Blakeway
AOC Visit to P&SS(SR) Test Team mid 1980s