001.jpg - Wreath holders - Vic Smith and Alan Weeks (Association Secretary)

002.jpg - Sid Cole, Tony Harbour, RMP

003.jpg - Ted Scaplehorn with Chairman Brian Flinn trying out John Walton's umbrella (and it fits)!

004.jpg - Mrs Sheila Sutherland

005.jpg - Mike Thornton (Association Treasurer), John Rose, David Stanley, Ted Scaplehorn, Brian Flinn, Bill Veazey

006.jpg - WO Graeme Spark, Ted Scaplehorn, Bill Veazey, WO Dale Woolman-Lane

007.jpg - Left Marker and TV target George (Badger) Brookes with Association marker board

008.jpg - Beryl Coton with some of the boys

009.jpg - Stewart McArdle, Dennis Cothay in their chariots

010.jpg - Almost ready to go

011.jpg - George Brookes trying to be pleasant

012.jpg - Other side almost ready to go

013.jpg - Engines ticking over ready for off

014.jpg - Parade over

015.jpg - And again