Can anyone identify any of these Kennelmaids gathered around the incinerator at Netheravon I believe it was around late 50's early 60's
I have been told by Chappy that  front left is Mary Golden sat on the incinerator right is Jan Green sat on the barrel is Wendy ??

The photographs of the WRAF's on the incinerator at RAF Netheravon is certainly a blast from the past.  It was taken in 1960 and my wife is one of "the scruffs".   Starting from the top left is Val Fairclough, top right is Jan Green, standing right is Mary Morris (married Pete Keats), sitting bottom left is Mary Golding, face hidden is Maggie MacKay (married Mal Owens), sitting on the barrel is Ann Wilson and in the barrel is my wife Wendy Ramsay nee Booth.

Paul Ramsay